Fundraising Skills List for Resume

Updated on: August 25, 2022

A fundraising resume is not a document that holds focused information as a whole. In fact, it holds short snippets of what your professional prowess has been over the past years.

The focus is distributed in different areas in the resume. But what matters most is how you have placed your skills in a resume – an area that is most favored by employers who want to know how well you can work in a professional environment.

Skills – this single word hold a lot of importance as far as a resume is concerned. Skills are what make an individual “real” for a hiring manager who wants nothing more than an employee who is great at what he does and is aware of his abilities.

A list of skills on a resume is a great way of communicating what you are capable of, and how you intend to use these capabilities to help a future employer realize his dreams of high profits and a sizeable place in the industry.

Your resume writing efforts are not worth much if you forget to place skills in your resume. These will not only help you by articulating your capabilities but will also give you a chance to build upon them when you are called in for an interview.

A list of fundraising skills is provided below for your reference:

Sample Skills List for Fundraising Resume

  • First-hand experience in developing fundraising strategies by coordinating the efforts of volunteers and permanent staff members.
  • Highly skilled in preparing and delivering effective presentations for corporate donors.
  • Proficient in drafting and reviewing grant applications, and producing flyers and other promotional material for fundraising events.
  • Effectively able to communicate the need for fundraising to prospective donors through verbal and written communication.
  • Adept at creating strong fundraising messages that will appeal to potential donors.
  • Proven record of effectively evaluating the success of previous fundraising events, to prepare for upcoming ones.
  • Able to train volunteers and permanent staff members in handling fundraising procedures and practices.
  • Competent in motivating and facilitating supporters to maximize the funds that they raise for upcoming events and activities.
  • Focused on inspiring new supporters to raise money, while effectively maintaining sustainable relationships with existing ones.
  • Exceptionally well-versed in organizing fundraising activities such as sponsored outdoor events and door-to-door collections of items and money.
  • Unmatched ability to raise awareness of charities and their work at both local and national levels.
  • Demonstrated ability to write applications and mail-shots aimed at bringing on board a range of potential donors.