Banking Hard Skills List for Resume (Best Phrases)

Updated December 1, 2019

When the word “skills” comes up, even the best banking professionals get confused. The problem is not listing their skills – it is identifying them.

Once they recognize what skills make them a perfect candidate, filling out the skills section on a resume is not difficult.


Remember that skills are the heart and soul of a resume as they encompass a variety of attributes. Employers take it for granted that if you are not skilled, you are not competent, which is not far from the truth. Banking skills can be written in any manner, provided that you can substantiate them.

You may argue that it is alright to mention just one word as one skill – in actuality, doing so will make the value of your resume decline manifold. Why is that so?

There is one reason only, and that is the fact that anyone can claim that they are systematic, organized, analytic or possess excellent communication skills.

Tip: if you do not possess a skill that an employer has specifically asked for in a job advertisement, do not write it.

So let us now place our focus on some samples of banking skills that you can put on your resume:


Sample Skills List for a Banking Resume

• Focused on providing exceptional customer services with clear business objectives and personal goals.

• Proficient in assisting clients in determining their banking and loan needs and providing them with suitable solutions.

• Particularly effective in handling accounting duties about documenting loans and justifying credit analysis.

• Known for exercising confidentiality and good judgment when determining loan eligibility to clients.

• Demonstrated expertise in deciding discrepancies in cash drawers and resolving them through in-depth analysis.

• Adept at identifying clients’ needs and providing appropriate solutions and recommendations while keeping within the bank’s procedural parameters.

• Well-versed in building stable relationships with clients, teammates, business partners, and specialists by fostering a teamwork atmosphere.

• Demonstrated ability to engage in outbound sales activities with the view of acquiring new business.

 Exceptional talent for applying strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills to ensure that no discrepancies are evident.

• Track record of handling both regular account management activities and cross-selling products/services to existing customers.

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