Leadership Skills for Teacher Resume

Updated on: September 30, 2019

A teacher is not only an individual who passes on concepts to students. He or she is a mentor and a leader.

In order for a hiring manager to be convinced of your suitability for a teacher job, you must highlight some or all leadership skills that you possess.


For instance, the ability to communicate goals to assistant teachers and students is considered a leadership skill.

Most employers would want to hire an individual who possesses excellent leadership skills in a teacher role.

Since a teacher is someone that students look up to the most, it is important for her or him to be able to live up to that role. Unless you show a hiring manager that you have it in you, you might not be considered for the role.

Also, it is important to note that leadership skills in teachers show employers what kind of people they are, and if they will be able to fit into the school or college environment where they have applied for a job.


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Some examples of leadership skills that you can put on a teacher’s resume are provided here for reference purposes:


Leadership Skills for Teacher Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in communicating teaching and learning goals to assistant teachers

• Effectively able to position assistant teachers in order for them to be able to reach their goals

• Highly experienced in promoting imparting of knowledge and concepts in a profound manner

• Exceptionally talented in motivating and inspiring students so as to help them achieve their academic, social, cognitive, and developmental goals

• Solid track record of maintaining morale and harmony within the classroom

• Proven ability to adapt teaching methodologies to meet the individual needs of each student

• Well-versed in creating and implementing core curriculum and lesson plans in an independent manner

• Expert at leading teams of teachers to learn teaching outcomes, and assist them with imparting education in a proper way

• Unmatched ability to take initiative in order to create educational resources such as notes, summaries, and assignments

• Qualified to assess students’ progress, and provide them with guidance on correcting problem areas

• Competent in collaborating with other teachers and school/college management in order to discuss and resolve classroom issues

• Proficient in effectively planning and executing in-class activities and events

• Adept at changing or modifying classroom instruction in accordance with the dynamic needs of students

• Hands-on experience in contributing to oral and written assessments, in a bit to help students understand complex writing techniques

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