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Updated on: January 7, 2022

One of the most daunting times of our lives is when we have to apply for a job after we have spent time at home, doing other important things.

Or simply, when we had no choice but to stay at home.

At this point, the resume is perhaps the most difficult to write, because employers will expect to see experience and qualifications – both of which are things of the past for you.

But do not worry. There is a way around this.

How to Write a Great Resume to Return to Work After a Career Pause?
  • Start your resume using a return to work objective statement instead of a summary or profile.
  • Write your career highlights immediately after objective.
  • Focus on your related skills and core competencies.
  • Build a separate section for your job-relevant achievements.
  • Don’t hesitate to give the reason for your career pause in the experience section.
  • Relate your previous experience with the prospective employer’s needs.
  • Give information about your educational background.

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The following resume sample will guide you on how this is done.

Return to Work Resume Example

Marcy Brown
6 Northview Road, Galva, KS 67021
(000) 454-4174
[email protected]

Seeking a position as a Lead Teacher at Delta Public Schools after a career pause of 2 years. Enthusiastic to apply previous experience gained within the academic environment, amalgamated with a recent teacher training course, to assist students in meeting their cognitive, educational, and development goals.

• Skilled in teaching all areas of the primary curriculum by effectively organizing classroom and learning resources.
• Familiar with creating and implementing lesson plans according to each individual student’s ability to comprehend concepts.
• Competent in coordinating activities and resources within specific areas of the curriculum and supporting deliverables.
• Proven ability to organize and participate in school activities such as events and field trips.

• Curriculum Development
• Lesson Planning and Implementation
• Behavioral Management
• Student Assessment
• Interactive Study
• Examination Support
• Development Plans
• Afterschool Study Programs
• Activities-based Teaching
• Mentoring
• Resource Development
• Teaching Objectives Identification

• Aced the teacher training course by obtaining 98% in the final assessment.
• Implemented activities-based teaching techniques, which resulted in increased student interest in general education.
• Successfully led a class of children with learning difficulties and achieved a difficult milestone in helping them reach their learning objectives.
• Introduced a novel assessment program that proved instrumental in deciphering students’ capabilities when they are not under examination pressure.

Teacher Training Certificate
St. James Teacher Training School, Galva, KS – 2021


Career Break
8/2019 – 1/2022
• Raised newborn son
• Managed household tasks
• Supervised housekeepers and babysitters

Lead Teacher 
St Joseph Community School, Galva, KS
6/2012 – 8/2019
• Created and developed a core curriculum for assigned classes, according to state rules and regulations.
• Developed and implemented lesson plans according to each student’s individual ability to cope and comprehend concepts.
• Imparted lessons and assisted students in understanding difficult to grasp topics.
• Handed out assignments as classwork and homework and ensured that both are properly marked.

Classroom Teacher 
KIPP Delta Public Schools, Galva, KS
6/2010- 6/2012
• Oversaw student behavior and intervened in circumstances where behavioral issues were escalated.
• Administered examinations and checked and graded papers according to specific grading instructions.
• Assessed and evaluated students to determine their specific strengths and limitations.
• Communicated with parents and guardians to provide them with an overview of their children’s progress and limitations.

Teacher Assistant 
Newcastle Elementary School, Galva, KS
2/2005 – 5/2010
• Assisted in developing and implementing lesson plans according to the instructions of the lead teacher.
• Managed student behavior and addressed any serious behavioral issues according to specified protocols.
• Assisted students by providing them with help in understanding complex concepts.
• Performed research to collect and develop teaching resources and utilize them in the classroom.
• Observed students to ensure their physical and emotional wellbeing and report any untoward incidents to the lead teacher.

Master’s Degree in Education
Kansas State University, Galva, KS – 2004

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