Retiree Returning to Work Resume Sample

Updated on: October 20, 2021

At the time of retirement, it may not seem as if you will ever go back to work.

But many of us do, as working is inherent in us.

A little time after you have retired, you may want to go back to work, and for that, you will need to write a resume all over again.


Not at all!

If you have done it before, you can certainly do it now.

The mechanics will not be much different.

For instance, you will write your resume the same way you have before, but with closed working dates.

The following is a retiree resume sample is written specifically for a returning to work:

Retiree Returning to Work Resume Sample

Kyle Miller
2 West Road, Dover, DE76523
(000) 999-9999


• Marketing director with 30+ years of solid track record in contributing to marketing effectiveness through identification of goals.
• Performed effective marketing initiatives that met 100% marketing goals.
• Devised a market trends evaluation system, which resulted in highly usable competitive information.
• Implemented a communications and outreach program, reaching 80% of the identified market.
• Trained 500 newly hired individuals as part of their induction process.

– Plans Development
– Trends Evaluation
– Expenditure Scheduling
– Network Establishment
– Research


Marketing Director
Hartford Solutions, Dover, DE
• Determined marketing requirements for each department.
• Created, implemented, and evaluated marketing strategies.
• Planned, directed, and coordinated marketing efforts.
• Created and implemented communication and outreach programs.
• Developed and marketed new uses for existing products and services.
• Acquired and analyzed data.
• Completed operational requirements, such as scheduling and assignment.

Marketing Manager
Hartford Solutions, Dover, DE
• Maintained staff members by training, recruiting, and inducting.
• Supervised departmental activities in order to ensure exceptional work progresses.
• Researched competition information, lest the company is left behind in its marketing efforts.
• Monitored progress and created performance reports.
• Conducted market research in order to keep abreast of trends and competition movements.

Marketing Specialist
Acme Inc., Dover, DE
• Oversaw strategized marketing activities and staff members.
• Conducted general market research.
• Controlled and allocated budgets.
• Assisted in the development and implementation of brand strategies.
• Oversaw the implementation of marketing strategies, such as campaigns, events, digital marketing, and PR.
• Hired and trained marketing officers, and representatives.

Bachelor of Business Administration
Dover Business College, Dover, DE

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