Return to Work Resume Objectives

Updated on March 19, 2019

Even if you have gained a lot of experience in the past, a break from work will force you into rewriting all of your job application documents including a cover letter and resume.

When you start writing a resume to apply for any job after a career pause, you will need to think carefully about how to begin.


Since you will be applying for a job after a break, it will make sense to use an objective instead of a professional summary statement.

A resume objective, in this case, will need to outline why you are applying and how you intend to make a contribution – specifically since you have been without work for some time.

In a Return to Work Resume Objective, you should ensure that you are someone who can handle challenging work. That is because some employers believe that you cannot work properly now that you are out of practice.

How you word your resume objective will matter tremendously.

Your employment success will depend on how much you can impress the hiring manager.

Here are some returning to work resume objectives that you can refer to when attempting to write your own:



Return to Work Resume Objectives Examples

• Seeking a position as a Lead Teacher at KIPPS Public Schools after a 3-year career pause. Offers recent teacher training certification and ability to create and implement lesson plans to meet the individual requirements of each student.

• An ambitious and confident individual looking for an Accountant position at Grand Hotel utilizing skills in standard accounting procedures. Joining work after a 12-month break due to pregnancy.

• A returning Business Development Manager looking for a position at GMC Corporation. Offering deep insight into creating business opportunities based on set rules of marketing.

• Desire a Marketing Manager position at Al’s Toy Barn. Eager to apply deep insight into creating and implementing core marketing initiatives, by deriving information from a recent marketing program, focusing on competitive market ingenuities.

• A well-organized and dependable individual looking for a position as a Secretary at Tricontinental Developers. Offering deep insight into current administrative and clerical work processes, owing to a recent secretarial training from The Professionals, following a break from work due to domestic issues.

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