22 Best Resume Objective Examples for 2022

Updated on: January 19, 2022

The changing face of the job world has brought with it many conveniences – and some difficulties as well.

Where it was once relatively easy to get away with writing ordinary, tried, and tested resume objectives, the same doesn’t work anymore.

In the year 2022, employers are looking for more profound and “tell-all” resume objectives that will save them time and money in determining who to hire.

Resume objectives are now considered branding statements. Instead of merely charting out the candidate’s knowledge and skills, they brand him or her as an individual without whom the company is running at a loss.

These branding statements convey your value to a prospective employer along with offering a unique perspective on them.

For at least the next couple of years, when you think resume objective, think more along the lines of selling your value to a prospective employer in 3 sentences or less.

The fact is that you spend hours writing a resume and employers take only a few seconds to accept or reject you – all by reading the first section which is the objective.

Resume objectives need to be attention-grabbers of the most potent kind. If you knock them out with the introduction, they will surely come back for more.

So what would be considered as amazing resume objectives in the year 2022?

If you can take hints from how a professional summary is written and emulate it to write a resume objective, your success is almost certain.

Here we have compiled some of the best objectives across a variety of industries.

Best Resume Objectives Examples for the Year 2022

1. Marketing

Forward-thinking Marketing Manager, looking for a position at ARY utilizing a unique combination of marketing and sales skills. Demonstrated ability to think analytically and provide positive results that translate into profitable outcomes.

2. Teacher

Seeking a position as a Teacher at Giuseppe High School offering exceptional expertise in creating and implementing student-centered curriculum and lessons.

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3. Project Manager

Desire a Project Manager position at Atrium Conservation bringing intense interest in conserving local ecology, through the implementation of tested and novel preservation methodologies.

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4. Sales Associate

Hardworking, customer service-oriented, and exceptionally self-motivated Sales Associate looking for a position at Macy’s. Eager to apply skills in suggestive selling, deal closing, and customer satisfaction at every stage of their shopping experience.

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5. Account Manager

Looking for an Account Manager position at ABM Securities. Offers documented success in multiplying clients’ portfolio earnings by providing well-researched market suggestions.

6. Administrative Assistant (No Experience)

Fresh and enthusiastic high school graduate with excellent communication, customer service, and office management skills. Seeking a position as an administrative assistant at ABC Company.

7. Administrative Assistant (With Experience)

Seeking an Administrative Assistant position at XYZ Company. Leveraging 12+ years of experience in ensuring the efficient functioning of the company’s operations. Ability to follow instructions, pay attention to detail, and utilize communication and organizational skills to maximize the efficiency of the office.

8. Office Assistant

Results-oriented Office Assistant looking for a position at KBH Homes. Offering a track record of handling incoming calls, maintaining files, performing data entry, and handling office supply inventory. Pleasant and friendly disposition.

9. Babysitter

Passionate Babysitter with a strong desire to groom children. Seeking to leverage my childcare skills for ABC Agency. Track record of providing a safe and fun environment for kids of all ages. Genuinely care about connecting with others and being part of a team. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

10. Nanny

Dependable and friendly nanny with hands-on experience working for different families in the Houston area. Seeking to leverage my childcare and housekeeping skills for ABC Company. Known to take and follow directions.

11. Customer Service

Highly motivated customer service representative who believes in honesty and integrity, wants to become a part of ABC Company. Leveraging the ability to engage with clients in a professional manner while actively listening to their concerns. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

12. Retail Sales

A results-focused retail sales associate with a strong performance background seeking to increase the profits of ABC Store. Track record of offering support to customers in accordance with the company’s policies. Skilled in POS, merchandising display, and inventory management.

13. Executive Manager

A position in the executive management role at XYZ company to demonstrate matchless coordination skills, financial analysis acumen, and expertise in sales promotion.

14. Blogger

A tech-savvy and experienced blogger looking for a position in the blogging field where skills in topic search, keyword management, and WordPress will be utilized to create high-quality and winning websites.

15. Mechanic Apprentice

Looking for a mechanic apprentice position. Leveraging skills gained through Associate of Science Degree in Mechanics to inspect, repair, and replace faulty parts of any diesel engine vehicle. Willing to learn, grow and work under strict deadlines.

16. Computer Operator

To work as a computer operator for ABC Company. Bringing expertise in hardware and software installation and maintenance with the intention to bring betterment to the overall operations of the company.

17. Montessori Director

A highly dedicated and self-driven Montessori Director seeking work at Houston City School. Offering advanced skills in Montessori training to mold young minds and make them valuable members of society.

18. Health Care Aide

Seeking a health care aide position to utilize extensive health care acumen for Aspen Healthcare. Fully equipped with modern healthcare and safety techniques aiming to bring a positive change in the overall life of residents.

19. Hospitality Manager

A highly skilled hospitality manager seeking work at Marriott New York. Offering excellent coordination and management skills in order to enhance guest satisfaction.

20. Retail Manager

An innovative and self-driven professional seeking the position of retail manager with an organization that is ready to get the benefit of extremely high sales via utilization of acquired retail skills including effective marketing tactics and market competency analysis.

21. Fresh Graduate

A highly motivated and passionate fresh graduate, looking for work as a call center agent where skills in public dealing and telesales expertise will come in handy for the promotion and projection of the hiring organization.

22. Special Education Specialist

Detail-oriented and self-driven special education specialist, seeking work at ABC Company in the capacity of special education advisor. Solid aim of changing the lives of special needs students.

Final Thought

“I’m looking for a fixer-upper with a rock-hard foundation. Am eager to break up walls, construct bridges, and light fires. I have enormous experience, piles of energy, a bit of that “vision thing” and I’m not fearful to start from the very beginning.”

This is an extract from the resume of Steve Job (co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc.)

As you can notice the objective is not a conventional one, it is highly unique, bold, appealing, and would definitely attract the employer!

There are no specific rules for making a perfect objective in 2022.

The success of an objective is dependent on what the employer is looking for. So, always begin with finding out more about the employer. Try to measure what exactly the recruiter is seeking in a successful candidate.

In 2022, find out about the employer’s needs, then craft your objective accordingly, while making it 100% employer-focused.