Store Associate Resume Objectives

Updated on: November 14, 2015


Resume goals and objectives are not the same, despite many of us believing otherwise. So, what is the difference? Typically, a goal is an overarching principle that guides decision-making. An objective on the other hand, is a specific, measurable step that is needed to meet the goal.


A resume objective is narrow, precise, tangible, concrete and measurable. When you write a resume objective, you should be abiding by the following:

Knowledge: Ability to handle work by recalling previously learned duties
Comprehension: Capability of grasping meaning, explaining and restating ideas
Analysis: Ability to separate material into component parts and show the relationship between them
Synthesis: Ability to put together separate ideas and establish new relationships
Evaluation: Knowledge of handling difficult situations and coming out on top

Every resume objective is based on the above-stated description. Typically, a resume objective is a personal statement defining the specifics that you wish to obtain through professional work. Objectives are directional and action-oriented and should be able to clearly identify facts about your work situation.

What exactly it is that you need to include in a resume objective statement?

• Career field
• Position title
• Organizational category
• Functional areas
• Skills

Each resume objective that you write needs to be:

• Personal
• Commitment-oriented
• Action-oriented
• Directional
• Specific

Do you have all these covered? Great! Let’s move on to some sample objectives for a store associate position:

Sample Objectives for Store Associate Resume

• Results-driven, honest professional seeking a position as a Store Associate with Macy’s. Bringing expertise in helping customers make purchasing decisions and inadvertently, meeting sales targets.

• Constructive, dependable individual looking for a Store Associate position at Kyra’s Retailers utilizing 5+ years’ hands-on experience in arranging inventory on sales floors and setting up promotional materials and displays.

• Desire a Store Associate position at Big Lots. Offering unmatched ability to handle product demonstrations and assist customers throughout the purchasing process.

• To work for Burkes Outlet as a Store Associate applying hands-on experience in servicing customers, maintaining inventories and handling visual merchandising duties.

• To obtain a position as a Store Associate at Winn Dixie. Eager to utilize skills in clearly assessing customers’ needs and providing correlating information and support, by following company procedures and policies.

• Trustworthy store associate looking for a position at Goodwill Stores. Track record of building productive customer relationships by ensuring delivery of exceptional customer services at all levels of customer experience.

• Looking for a position as a Store Associate at Wall Mart by applying competencies in ensuring high levels of customer services through positive interaction with customers, inventory management and setting up promotional materials