Stay at Home Mom Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: October 8, 2019

Staying at home to look after and raise your children, or simply indulging in “me time” does not spoil your chances to work again.

In fact, you will be considered a great person to hire if you possess the skills for the particular position for which you are applying.


Although you may have taken a hiatus from work, your skills will remain intact.

When applying for a job, make sure that these are reflected in your resume objective.

This will ensure that the hiring manager takes one look at the objective and is intrigued enough to scan the rest of the resume in no hurry.

Basically, a Stay at Home Mom resume objective is the first thing that a prospective employer sees. Therefore, it is important for it to be perfect.


The way in which you begin the objective makes a lot of difference. For example, an objective that caters to the prospective employer’s needs specifically will generate great interest.

For a stay-at-home mom, hoping to reintegrate into the professional world, the following resume objectives can be considered:

Stay at Home Mom Resume Objective Examples

• Highly enthusiastic individual, with exceptional skills in handling accounting and finance work. Presently looking for an Accounts Assistant position at Greta’s Binary World, offering talents in gathering and collating financial data. Anticipating integrating into the professional world, post a 3-year hiatus.

• Seeking a position as a Marketing Assistant at Pillsbury. Offers an updated knowledge of marketing and sales during a 2-year break. Highly knowledgeable about determining customers’ needs and developing correlating products and solutions. Excellent ability to work in conjunction with the 4 Ps of marketing.

• Competent and well-organized Sales Associate, presently looking for a position at Macy’s. Aiming to parlay previous experience and background in meeting and exceeding sales goals. Unmatched ability to fulfill sales and customer service demands, as outlined in company objectives.

• Desire a position as an Event Manager at Memoire Events. Eager to apply extensive experience in organizing birthdays, parties, weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers. Hoping to reclaim the events management market after a break of 4 years.

• To obtain a Lead Teacher position at St. Paul’s Elementary School, by offering demonstrated expertise in creating and implementing lesson plans and curriculum. Proven ability to impart lessons to students, in order to meet their developmental and educational needs. Offering excellent communication and organization skills, obtained through online professional development courses.

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