Restaurant Manager Resignation Letter Sample

Updated on: February 20, 2022

All of us have been through the difficult task of writing a resignation letter at least once in our lives. 

The uncertainty that comes with writing a letter of this nature is a hurdle in writing a good one and leaving a last good impression.

Resignation letters may seem complicated to write, but they should not be seen as something tedious to do.

If you sit down and think, all you have to do is tell the truth when writing a resignation letter.

Why do you want to leave?
What made you decide to leave?

But all this needs to be written positively.

While resignation letters may not be pleasant for employers, on the whole, they need to consist of polite language to make the blow as comfortable as possible.

Here is a sample to guide you further.

Restaurant Manager Resignation Letter Example

Mark Kirk
892 Heavens Avenue
Baltimore, MD 90122
(000) 000-9999
[email protected]

February 20, 2022

Mr. Henry Clinton
Human Resources Manager
ABC Restaurant
35 Gateway Road
Baltimore, MD 90332

Dear Mr. Clinton:

The decision to leave ABC Restaurant has been a tough one to take as I have spent seven happy years working as a restaurant manager here. Please accept this as a formal notice of my intent to leave on a two-week notice. That being said, March 5 will be my last working day.

While I enjoyed working at ABC Restaurant, I have been offered an opportunity near my home, which I believe is more appropriate for me. ABC Restaurant has provided me with the best years of my life; I have not only learned about the restaurant business but have also been trained in managing a busy restaurant and handling the many challenges that both customers and staff offer during each workday. This experience is something I am grateful for; it will stay with me forever and will, of course, help me much in subsequent jobs.

As always, I am dedicated to my work until it is time for me to leave. If you would like me to prepare any handover notes or train my replacement, I am at your service. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your mentorship and support during these years. I will miss my staff and my workplace immensely.

Sincere regards,

Mark Kirk
(000) 000-9999

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