Writing resignation letters for Truck Driver position can be a tiresome job especially if you are resigning from a position that you have held for a long time – or one that you particularly like. But things happen and people move on – so resignation letters are unavoidable. Many people come to a complete writer’s block when it comes to writing a resignation letter owing to the fact that the right words never seem actually right. What does one write in a resignation letter? The first answer would be to write your reason for wanting to leave. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Let us take the example of a resignation letter from a truck driver’s position. The following resignation letter sample will help you decide what you want to put in yours – and it is absolutely free!


Free Resignation Letter for Truck Driver


Friday, March 14, 2014

Mr. Gary Norman
Manager Human Resources
Chesapeake Oilfield Services
78 Williams Way
Richmond, TX 67901


Dear Mr. Norman:

I am writing to confirm my intention of ending my employment contract with Chesapeake Oilfield Services. The time that I have spent in this company has been memorable and has prepared me well to face the professional world – for which I am extremely grateful.

When I joined Chesapeake Oilfield Services as a truck driver, I had no clue that I will learn so much in the next four years. My peers and supervisors have been extremely accommodating during this time and I am very grateful for their patience in welcoming and training a rookie. Had things been more favorable to me personally, I would not even have dreamed of leaving; unfortunately, I have no choice but to move to California to pursue my career.

I am taking more than just skills from Chesapeake Oilfield Services; I am taking memories as well which will serve to remind me of your kindness and the valuable time you took out to make me ready for the road. Before I leave, I would like to recommend Mr. William Kirk who is presently working as a warehouse helper to replace me. If you have someone else you would like me to teach the trade, I will be happy to oblige.

Please consider this as a two weeks’ notice as detailed in my contract. Thank you once again for providing me with an opportunity to work for this company.



Erik Donald

Erik Donald
Truck Driver
Chesapeake Oilfield Services