Restaurant Cashier Resignation Letter Sample

Updated October 21, 2021
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So you have worked as a restaurant cashier for a pretty long time and now want to switch.

Or you have been offered a better opportunity, with increased chances of salary hikes and moving up the ladder.

What is the first step that you perform?

You have to resign from the present company.

However, telling your employer that you are leaving because what you are being offered at his company is not good enough, is not going to win you any exit favors.

How would you go about it?

While we do not encourage that you lie, it is best not to tell details when resigning due to the reasons mentioned above.

You can be vague about your reasons – just never be vague about when you will be leaving!

On the other hand, if your reason for resigning is something like a medical or family emergency, or even the fact that you have to move to another city or country, you can highlight it in your resignation letter.

Always provide a timeline for when you have to leave and put in some niceties about your experience working with the employer – even if it has been a while since you were happy working there!

Restaurant Cashier Resignation Letter Example

Frieda Polish
542 5th Street
Gretna, LA 20144
(000) 989-7877
Frieda @ email . com

October 31, 2021

Mr. Johnathan Clinton
Restaurant Manager
Z’s Pizza Lounge
97 Oakwood Road
Gretna, LA 90372

Dear Mr. Clinton:

It is with great regret and extreme sadness that I am informing you of my decision to resign from the restaurant cashier position that I hold at Z’s Pizza Lounge. My last working day will be November 3, which is well within the boundaries set for providing a 2-week notice of intention to leave.

For the previous 3 months, I have been struggling to keep up with work due to a crippling headache, which was recently diagnosed as a chronic ocular migraine. I have enclosed my doctor’s note, who has instructed me to take 6 months off from work and rest completely so that I can naturally get rid of this condition. The alternative is a heavy course of prescription medicines which will render me useless for the most part of each day. Since I cannot take 6 months off from work, I feel that it is best to resign now and inquire into a possible vacancy when I am well enough to work again. I apologize for the inconvenience that my leaving may cause and I am willing to train anyone you deem appropriate to work in my position before I leave next month.

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to work and grow in an establishment like Z’s Pizza Lounge. I hope to create a liaison again once my personal issues are sorted out.


Frieda Polish
Restaurant Cashier
Z’s Pizza Lounge