Restaurant Manager Resume Example

Updated on: February 28, 2024

Restaurant managers are responsible for managing staffing, inventory and supervision tasks inside a restaurant.

They may be the first point of contact in some establishments which is why they are required to possess excellent people skills.

Your resume for a restaurant manager position is your primary interaction with the prospective employer.

Therefore, give emphasis to your leadership qualities and staff management skills to make the most of your job application.

The following example will assist you to write or update your resume for a restaurant manager job.

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Restaurant Manager Resume Example



Cameron Phillips
902 College Street, Waterbury, VT 53432
(000) 854-2015


Results-oriented restaurant manager with 11+ years’ experience in organizing and managing services within the hospitality environment. Track Record of on-the-spot decision making and supporting the employees. Focused on ensuring the guests’ needs while enforcing standards for individual performance. Adept at general supervision, hiring, training, and motivation of employees.

• Led a marketing campaign to solicit new business and succeeding by meeting set goals effectively.
• Trained and deployed three batches of staff as hosts, cooks and general workers for the restaurant’s branches in New York and Nevada.
• Drove 30% more sales per month, through excellent operations and marketing efforts.
• Managed restaurant functions to ensure exceptional customer services.
• Analyzed areas of improvement in business and evaluated employee performance, increasing overall efficiency by 40%.


Locust Restaurant – Waterbury, VT
Restaurant Manager                               
• Manage restaurant operations regarding staffing, scheduling, sales and customer service
• Greet guests and make arrangements to seat them
• Ensure provision of service regarding order accuracy and time management
• Interview, hire and train staff to work in a restaurant environment
• Ensure smooth coordination between the back-end and front-end activities
• Manage inventory and stocks and supplies
• Handle customer complaints and queries

O’Charley’s – Mooresville, NC
Restaurant Assistant Manager                   
• Managed all areas of the operations during scheduled shifts
• Assessed staffing and recruitment needs
• Monitored procurement, storage, preparation, cooking, handling, and serving of food
• Planned and directed employee training programs
• Maintained a clean and safe environment

Vermont State University – Waterbury, VT – 2001
Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management

• Excellent customer service skills
• Able to work on a rotating shift
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Solid background of restaurant environments

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