Lecturer Resignation Letter Example

Updated on: July 27, 2019

Lecturer Resignation Letter Overview and Guidelines

Even though writing a resignation letter to your current employer (when you have secured a job elsewhere) is difficult, it is a necessary evil.

Without a proper resignation, you may not be eligible for leaving documents such as recommendation letters and that might not work too well for you in a future position.


If you are a lecturer in a university, it is even more important to write a resignation letter to inform the university about your intent to leave.

You will have students who depend on you for instruction, and it is your moral responsibility to hand them over to another lecturer before you go.

Your resignation letter does not have to be run-of-the-mill – you can write a resignation letter in any way, provided that you follow some rules.

Every resignation letter must contain a reason for leaving and a notice period. What you write in the rest of it is at your discretion.


Typically, resignation letters are to-the-point. They elicit why a lecturer intends to leave and how they will hand over work to a replacement.

All this is very important – after all, you do not want to leave the school in the lurch!

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Here is a sample resignation letter for a lecturer position. Take a look!


Lecturer Resignation Letter Sample


Adam Sandler
88 4th Street
Atlantic City, NJ 07547
(000) 999-0000
adam @ email . com

July 27, 219

Mr. Robert Junior
New Jersey State University
78 Atlantic Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 77888


Dear Mr. Junior:

Although it was a tough decision to make, I have decided to formally resign from my position as an English Lecturer from New Jersey State University. Through this letter, I would like to provide a notice of one month so that you can look for a replacement. My last day at work will be November 15.

I had applied for a scholarship at the University of Vienna at Austria as I wanted to learn the literary world through their extensive program. Last week, I was informed that I was chosen for the scholarship and will have to enroll myself by 30 November. This opportunity is one in a million, and I am sure you can understand that I cannot possibly ignore it.

The three years that I have spent working at New Jersey State University have been exceptionally amazing. I thank you enough for your mentorship and look forward to further association with the university when I return to the USA.

Thank you.




Adam Sandler
PABX: 6521

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