Restaurant Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: February 28, 2024


A cover letter for a Restaurant Manager position is your first introduction to a prospective employer.

Create a short and focused cover letter by using simple, clear and direct sentences.

You may use the job posting to include buzzwords and tailor your cover letter to the Restaurant Manager position.

The core of your cover letter is the middle paragraph describing how your expertise and qualifications are a perfect match for the restaurant’s requirements.

The following example will provide you with a better idea how to write a good covering letter for a Restaurant Manager job.



Sample Cover Letter for a Restaurant Manager Resume



Sara Smith
1007 Blackstone Way ~ Suffolk, VA 55531
(000) 555-1004

March 22, 2018

Mr. Chris Blake
Manager HR
Papa Gino’s
5536 Grant Ct.
Suffolk, VA 55519


Dear Mr. Blake:

I am writing to express a keen interest in the Restaurant Manager position with the Papa Gino’s, a position which was advertised on your website last week. While browsing through your site, I was impressed with your emphasis on quality culinary service and the array of hospitality services you offer to your patrons. I would very much like to become a part of Papa Gino’s and have attached my resume for your consideration.

My bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management and extensive experience in managerial roles match well with your job description. I have a demonstrated ability to manage all aspects of a restaurant – from personnel management to customer service provision. I strive hard to utilize my skills to make a profitable and enjoyable restaurant, where the excellence of service is continually improved, and where a work environment that fosters vision, rational thinking and decision-making is encouraged.

I am very proficient in hiring staff and maintaining an active program for training and developing a competent team. All of these leadership qualities would enable me to make a valuable contribution to Papa Gino.

I’d welcome an opportunity to learn more about your expectations from a Restaurant Manager discuss my qualifications accordingly. To I can be contacted at (000) 555-1004.

Thank you in advance for taking a few moments to review my resume.



Sara Smith


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