Hair Salon Receptionist Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 20, 2019

Position Overview

Any front desk position such as that of a hair salon receptionist is one of ultimate responsibility.

There is much dependant on how a receptionist conducts herself and her work and salon owners depend highly on her ability to service and retain clients.


Hair salon receptionists are the primary point of contact for clients, and it is up to them to ensure that a high level of service is provided and that clients leave the salon happy.

Work duties of a hair salon receptionist include greeting clients, providing them with information, scheduling appointments, and ensuring that clients have received the services that they have asked for.

Working as a hair salon receptionist is not an easy job since one has to handle different types of people and activities concurrently.

Since client satisfaction is the prime goal here, it is vital for hair salon receptionists to be pleasant and courteous at all times; it is often their behavior primarily that brings about repeat business.


Educational Requirements

While you do not need any formal education to work as a hair salon receptionist, you do need to be a high school graduate and have some knowledge of hair cutting and styling procedures.



Job Description for Hair Salon Receptionist Resume

• Welcome clients as they arrive in the salon and provide them with the required information

• Determine clients’ needs for hair cutting and styling and suggest possible solutions

• Maintain knowledge of industry trends and popular hairstyling techniques to keep updated with current fashions

• Take telephone calls and respond to inquiries put forth by callers

• Schedule appointments and ensure that any cancellations or readjustments are taken care of

• Make follow up calls to clients to remind them of their appointments

• Determine which hair stylist will be suitable for a client in question

• Ensure that hairstylists understand what clients want to have done with their hair

• Provide clients with information on products and techniques used during hair cutting and styling activities

• Ask clients if they are allergic to any hair products and ensure that hair stylist is aware of this information

• Take and record clients’ contact information in the salon database

• Operate the cash register, take payments for services rendered and issue change and receipts

• Ensure that the cash drawer or register is balanced at the end of the day

• Maintain positive work relationships with vendors to ensure that sufficient salon supplies are available

• Handle hair salon supplies and equipment inventory activities

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