Educator Resignation Letter Sample

Updated on: June 4, 2019

Not sure what an Educator resignation letter consists of? Let’s elaborate.

A resignation letter is merely a letter aimed at informing your employer that you wish to leave a position.


You can use any format that you like as long it is professional and tells your story.

To make a resignation letter look professional, you must first verify that it is addressed to the right person. Once that is out of the way, you can cut right to the chase.

You will need to state your reason for leaving and provide a notice period. You can also write a few niceties, such as how much experience you have gained during your time in the company and how much you value that experience.

Still not sure how to write a resignation letter? Well, read the sample below!


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Educator Resignation Letter Example


June 4, 2019

Ms. Gloria Campbell
Amplify Education
199 Green Avenue
Phillipsburg, NJ 38100


Dear Ms. Campbell:

Please accept this letter as an official resignation from my position as an Educator for Amplify Education on a 2-weeks notice, effective June 18. It makes me sad to leave the place that gave me valuable experience and expertise.

Amplify Education has been my life for the past seven years, and deciding to leave was not easy for me. I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to work and learn – while I was teaching, I was learned so much as well. I am sure I have made some difference in my students’ lives; they have indeed changed mine.

Since I am here for another week, I would be happy to train my replacement. I will hand over the details of the lesson plans that I have made for the next two months. Thank you once again for giving me this opportunity.



Gisele Keeton
(000) 000-1234

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