Invoice Processor Job Description

Updated on: November 29, 2017

Position Overview

An invoice processor is hired by accounting departments to organize and complete duties such as implementing invoice procedures, archiving invoice data, and handling requests.

These individuals need to possess a background in handling accounting procedures, with special focus on the invoicing part of the work.

As an invoice processor, it is your responsibility to make sure that the handling and management of invoices from arrival to post is done in a manner consistent with set protocols.

Position Requirements

To work as an invoice processor, it is imperative to possess a degree in accounting, and some experience in handling invoicing work at the corporate level. You must be an analytic thinker, with a great ability to manage multiple invoices at the same time.

Also, it is important for invoice processors to possess great data entry and typing skills, as they are required to enter a huge amount of data into assigned systems on a regular basis.

Working as an invoice processor means that you will be constantly working with people from different departments, which is why it is imperative that your communication skills are exceptional. Also, you will need to possess excellent follow-up skills, as contacting clients to pay up their bills will be part of your work.

Some of the prime duties that an invoice processor is expected to perform on any given work day are listed below:


Invoice Processor Duties and Responsibilities


• Process expense invoices, chargebacks and adjustments to ensure that timely payments are made to vendors and suppliers.

• Prepare checks on a regular basis and ensure that they are distributed and mailed to vendors in a timely manner.

• Enter accounts payable adjustments and payments into predefined invoicing systems.

• Balance all batches, and release them for approval, and research and resolve inquiries about payments from assigned stores.

• Process accurate invoices and deductions for suppliers, and ensure compliance with accounting requirements and guidelines.

• Ensure that service level agreements are met as they relate to invoice processing procedures.

• Research, troubleshoot, and resolve vendor invoice problems, and ensure that all accounts payable procedures are adhered to.

• Follow up on aged invoices, taking special note of ones that have been in limbo for a long time.

• Analyze and process expenditures, and evaluate invoices for accuracy and completeness.

• Handle standard invoice exceptions, and facilitate communication with vendors to coordinate problem resolution.

• Research and respond to queries from the accounts payable helpline, and attempt to resolve issues in a real time manner.

• Perform daily review and balancing tasks in various bank accounts, and review and validate returned checks.