Poultry Processor/Worker Resume Sample

Updated on: February 4, 2024

If you’re looking to hatch a career in the poultry industry and you have the experience of a skilled poultry worker or processor, your resume is the first step towards securing your next job.

The sample resume below is a shining example of how to present your skills and experience in a clear and straightforward format. Whether you’re experienced with handling poultry, know the ins and outs of processing equipment, or are familiar with safety and sanitation protocols, this resume showcases it all in a format that’s easy to read and understand.

Let this resume serve as a template to feather your own, ensuring your qualifications are displayed to impress potential employers.

Poultry Worker Resume Example

Jordan Patterson
506 Country Road
Lexington, KY 40502
(000) 024-6472
jordan.patterson @ email.com

Detail-oriented and efficient Poultry Worker with over 3 years of experience in various stages of poultry processing. Proficient in maintaining high standards of meat quality and ensuring compliance with food safety regulations. Adept at operating processing equipment safely and efficiently, with a strong work ethic and a track record of improving processing times.


  • Knowledge of poultry breeds and their specific care requirements
  • Skilled in poultry equipment operation and maintenance
  • Excellent understanding of biosecurity and disease prevention measures
  • Proficient in record-keeping and inventory management
  • Effective communication and leadership abilities


Poultry Processor
Maple Farms, Lexington, KY
July 2020 – Present
• Perform humane handling and slaughtering of poultry, adhering to animal welfare standards.
• Operate machinery for feather removal, evisceration, and washing of poultry.
• Inspect poultry for signs of diseases and ensure only healthy meat is processed.
• Cut, trim, and grade poultry meat to prepare for packing.
• Monitor and manage processing equipment, performing minor repairs and adjustments as needed.
• Pack and label poultry products, ensuring correct weight and packaging standards.
• Maintain a clean and safe work environment, following strict sanitation protocols.

Poultry Worker
Green Valley Poultry, Lexington, KY
March 2019 – June 2020
• Assisted with receiving and storing poultry supplies, organizing storage areas efficiently.
• Worked on the conveyor line, ensuring a smooth workflow and timely processing.
• Performed precise cuts to minimize waste and maximize use of each bird.
• Helped maintain records for inventory, production rates, and processing times.
• Handled and prepared poultry for cooking or packaging, meeting all quality standards.
• Assisted with the training of new employees, passing on key skills and techniques.

Certified Poultry Technician – American Poultry Association

Associate Degree in Food Safety
Lexington Community College, Lexington, KY

Fluent in English
Basic proficiency in French

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