Porter Resume Sample

Updated on: January 18, 2016

Even when employers don’t have a porter job vacancy, they always on the lookout for really good resumes. So, whether or not you are applying for a porter job, the best thing to do is to keep your resume ready.

How will you do it? Well, the most important thing is to make sure that there aren’t any grammatical mistakes or typos in your resume. They will kill any chance of you getting an interview call.

The other thing is keywords – words that a hiring manager puts in an advertisement to describe the kind of candidate they want for the job. If you use these keywords to describe yourself in your resume, you’ll be almost sure to get an interview.

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Porter Resume Sample


Carl Robinson

108 16th Street E ● Los Angeles, CA 93591 ● (000) 747-8752 ● j.krakatow @ email . com

❖❖ PORTER ❖❖

Performance Profile: Highly experienced, dedicated and well-organized porter with excellent record of workplace maintenance as well as vehicle safeguarding, with special emphasis on customer services. Track record of performing all kinds of maintenance and cleaning tasks, removing of debris, using hand and power tools and painting the facility with a view to ensuring tidiness of doors, walls, windows, and gates

• Qualified to maintain vehicles in terms of oil changes, tire maintenance and cleanliness
• Adept at greeting visitors and guiding them to the appropriate areas in the facility


• Vehicle Maintenance • Electrical Work • Customer Satisfaction
• Hand/Power Tools • Supplies Inventory • Guard Duty
• Painting and Polishing • Process Improvement • Landscape Maintenance
• Complaint Handling • Snow Blowing • Minor Repairing


Porter | GUARDER GARAGE, Los Angeles, CA | Jul 2010 – Present

• Carry out maintenance and cleaning jobs to make sure that the buildings and grounds remain clean and tidy
• Use hand tools such as brooms, mops, brushes as well as power tools like vacuum cleaners for maintenance of cleanliness
• Walk the facility to see if any maintenance needs to be done
• Paint areas of the garage and office when needed
• Sustain vehicle maintenance in terms of oil changes, tire pressure and general cleanliness
• Maintain cleanliness and tidiness of surfaces like doors, windows, signs, walls, and poles
• Keep the facility clean of engine oil spills and spills of other fluids such as brake oil
• Report violations of company policies to the manager

Key Achievements
• Successfully introduced a new computer software which increased inventory keeping efficiency by 35%
• Washed ten cars in two hours in an emergency situation when all were needed together by a corporate client
• Painted the entire building single-handedly in one day using exceptional knowledge of “quick work practices”
• Caught a thief trying to steal a car when on night duty and apprehended him until the authorities arrived

Cleaner | TERREN WILSON GARAGE, Los Angeles, CA | May 2005 – Jul 2010

• Kept the facility neat and clean with the use of brooms and mops
• Maintained inventory of supplies needed by custodial engineer
• Painted areas of the garage and office building by following company-defined procedures
• Washed vehicles, and maintained their oil changes and tire pressure
• Repair items as necessary, including changing light bulbs when burned out
• Maintain inventory of custodial supplies
• Assist customers when needed and guide them to the appropriate area of the facility

High School Diploma