Porter Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 2, 2022
Position Overview

A porter usually works in a hospitality environment (specifically in hotels), where his main work is to ensure that guests’ luggage is properly managed in terms of transportation and delivery.

He or she may be required to pick up and transport luggage from the lobby area to guests’ rooms, or the other way around.

It is also his or her responsibility to explain the facilities of the hotel to the guest and ensure that he or she is settled well into the assigned room.

Educational and Skills Requirements

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to work as a porter.

Since you will be performing a lot of heavy work such as lifting and dragging suitcases, you will need to be physically strong and dexterous.

Additionally, you will need to possess a calm, patient, and service-oriented manner so that you can ensure guest satisfaction.

Usually, a porter is the first point of contact for a guest after he has checked in. This means that a lot will depend on how well he conducts himself as far as the reputation of the facility goes.

If you are applying for the position of a porter, it is best that you go through the following list of duties before you create your resume:

Job Description and Duties for Porter Resume

• Respond to calls from the reception desk or keep a lookout for guests checking in.
• Assist guests by picking up their luggage, loading them onto dollies, and inquiring into their room numbers.
• Lead guests to their assigned rooms and assist them in operating key cards.
• Answer guests’ questions regarding hotel services and facilities and encourage them in availing them.
• Place guests’ luggage onto tables and assist them in unpacking if specifically asked for.
• Provide guests with information on how to use in-room lockers by issuing locking combinations.
• Arrange for housekeeping services to be made available to guests upon request.
• Deliver items such as irons, ironing boards, newspapers, and magazines to guests and run errands while remaining within the limitations of hotel policies.
• Assist guests in checking out by providing them with help in transporting their luggage to the checkout counter.
• Arrange for taxis or other modes of transportation upon special requests of guests.
• Educate guests about different tourist spots around the city and how to get to them.
• Ensure that guests are made aware of emergency exits, and assist them through exits during evacuations.
• Assist the housekeeping staff by sweeping and mopping halls, cleaning bathrooms, and replenishing supplies.