Utility Porter Job Description

Updated on: March 25, 2018

Position Overview

The work of a utility porter comes under the broader category of custodians and janitors. These people are hired in many capacities, including hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, residential and commercial buildings, and businesses to ensure that the premises stayed clean and maintained at all times.

Working as a utility porter does not require more than a high school diploma. If you have worked in a similar capacity – does not matter whether it is in a school or a residential facility – you will be considered a right person to hire, as you will be aware of all there is to know about the work.

The work is physically demanding, as cleaning and sanitizing huge building blocks, offices, rooms, and lawns is hardly a sitting job. However, if you are physically strong, and don’t mind performing demanding work, then this job is for you.

As a utility porter, you will be expected to be on your feet most of your work day, which means that getting tired on the job is not an option. Most utility workers are hired on a shift basis and may be asked to work rotating shifts as well.

In a utility worker capacity, you will be asked to perform a lot of work duties that are similar to those of custodians, and some which are particular to the position of a utility worker only. Here is a list:

Utility Porter Duties & Responsibilities

• Take orders from supervisors to determine which part of a building is assigned for cleaning and maintenance work.

• Perform cleaning activities such as sweeping and mopping, in rooms, offices, apartments, bathrooms, and lobby areas.

• Acquire cleaning chemicals and supplies from the requisition room, and ensure that those cleaners are safely and adequately mixed.

• Clean kitchen surfaces such as counters and floors, and ensure that they are properly disinfected.

• Ascertain that food supplies areas are cleaned in a manner conducive to health and hygiene regulations.

• Clean kitchen equipment such as ovens, fryers, and grills, and perform regular preventative maintenance on them.

• Handle vacuuming activities on carpets, rugs, and curtains, and ensure that any requirements for washing them are identified and reported.

• Replenish supplies in bathrooms and restrooms, and ensure that any low stock situations within the inventory are communicated to the manager.

• Handle properly dispose of trash, ensuring that no spills transpire during the process.

• Inspect building grounds and parking areas to determine the need for cleaning and raking, and perform activities to ensure that a maintained look is ensured.