Utility Porter Skills for Resume

Updated on: February 23, 2019

The skills section of a utility porter’s resume needs to be strong.

This is because skills information is what will help a hiring manager decide in the applicant’s favor – or otherwise.

In the skills section, it is important to highlight why an applicant is a good person to hire as a utility porter.

In order to be able to understand what skills are required for a utility porter position, you have to first determine what the work is about.

Typically, a utility porter provides custodial services in a building. This means that he or she must be able to clean properly and understand the various sanitization methods that are commonly used.

In addition, he or she must use proper techniques and equipment to do the job.

When writing a resume for a utility porter position, make sure that you emphasize your knowledge of trash removal, and conducting bio-hazard cleanup.

Furthermore, your resume’s skills section should show what your capabilities are in handling related housekeeping tasks.

Specifically, a utility porter is expected to possess the following skills. Some of these skills should be included in a utility porter resume.

Utility Porter Skills for Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in cleaning, setting up, and waxing floor surface areas.

• Effectively able to set up, operate, and break down cleaning equipment.

• Deeply familiar with cleaning and polishing brass, mirrors, glass, and light fixtures.

• Exceptionally talented in scrubbing walls and ceilings.

• Well-versed in scrubbing and extracting carpets, by using proper techniques and equipment.

• Proven ability to dust tops of ceiling vents and wall decorations.

• Adept at operating hand trucks and flatbed carts.

• Proficient in using appropriate techniques when performing processes such as moving equipment or furniture.

• Solid track record of effectively removing trash from dust bins and ashtrays.

• Unmatched ability to properly dispose of trash, and bio-hazard materials.

• Highly experienced in properly using and disposing of chemicals after performing cleaning tasks.

• Deep familiarity with regularly cleaning items such as trash cans, windows, and doors.

• Skilled in scrubbing and disinfecting trash cans, sinks, toilets, and furniture and fixtures.

• Hands-on experience in replenishing supplies in bathrooms and restrooms.

• First-hand experience in quickly and efficiently retrieving all materials needed for the setup of banquet facilities.

• Highly skilled in providing prompt, courteous service to guests according to provided instructions.

• Skilled in reporting emergencies and repair and maintenance needs to supervisors in an immediate manner.

• Competent in detailing guests’ rooms as instructed.

• Qualified to properly clean upholstered fabrics and draperies.

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