Voice Picking Job Description Sample

Updated on: November 1, 2019
Position Overview

Contrary to the belief that voice picking is a new concept, it has been in existence since the late 1990s.

However, the technology hadn’t begun to kick in until quite recently.


Due to advances in technology, voice picking is expected to increase rapidly over the next few years and will eventually give warehousing work a totally different meaning.

Voice pickers are technology savvy order pickers. They have a headset stuck to their ears all day which directs them about the location of required items. Sounds easy?

It is actually quite complicated.

The “wearable computer” is fitted with complex software which dictates the location and availability of items that need to be picked. Voice pickers are trained in speaking pre-defined commands into the headset, which then leads them to the required order picking area.


The voice picking system improves efficiency and accuracy. Typically, voice pickers do the usual work of order pickers – the only difference being the headset that directs them, as opposed to them looking for items manually.

Once they know the location of the desired item, they physically pick them up, transport them to the packing area by lifting them or driving forklifts and eventually transport them to the delivery truck.

Skilla and Knowledge

To be eligible for a voice picker position, you will need to possess knowledge of PPT (Power Pallet Trucks), voice picking (Voice Recognition) and LLOP (Low-Level Order Picking).

Voice Picking Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Study work orders and determine the types of items that need to be picked.

• Ensure the picking device is in good working order and correctly calibrated with the headset.

• Speak order to be picked into the voice picking system, using predefined commands.

• Listen intently to the instructions provided by the voice picking system.

• Maintain knowledge of item codes, aisle numbers, and storage area codes.

• Inquire into an available quantity of items intended to be pulled.

• Walk to the location identified by the voice picking system and locate items intended for picking.

• Ascertain that correct item has been picked by comparing it to word order.

• Pull order physically and transport it to the packaging area using trolleys or forklifts.

• Pack and label items according to specific instructions provided.

• Make certain that the item is transported to the delivery pallet in a safe manner.

• Assist in loading and setting packaged items appropriately in delivery trucks.

• Update inventory information in the warehouse database and ensure that the voice picking system picks up the update.

• Ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of warehouse premises.