Amazon Picker Packer Job Description

Updated on January 3, 2017
Position Overview

Pickers or packers have quite a lot of physical work to perform every day. This work is very demanding and can span over multiple shifts. However, there is so much that one learns about warehouse operations when working as a picker. You will find pickers working in a variety of organizations that host warehouse environments.

Order picking and packing are not the only things that Amazon pickers do. They handle stock arrangements by ensuring that there is enough stock for shipment purposes and they also make sure that orders are ready for transportation. They also mark and label product containers and measure and count them to ensure appropriate quantity. Quality control is another task that picker/packers manage; they check each individual product to ensure that its quality is up to the mark and that any damaged products are isolated and reported.

To understand the job of a picker/packer, let us have a look at a list of duties that a person working at this position performs at Amazon.


Amazon Picker Packer Job Description


• Take picking orders from supervisors and attempt to find products in Amazon warehouses

• Ensure that the picked product conforms to the order sheet provided

• Check product to ensure that it is in proper working condition and is not damaged

• Isolate damaged items to a predefined marked area and report it to supervisors

• Ensure that the quantity specified is picked by counting it several times before talking it to the packing pallet

• Transport items to packing pallet and pack them in specified containers

• Ensure that containers are marked properly and labeled appropriately

• Measure and weigh packed container and put information on the packing

• Ensure that package information is recorded manually first and then punched into the database system along with its status

• Seal packed containers by using glue, nails and other fasteners

• Transport packed materials to the shipment pallet using hand equipment or forklifts

• Make sure that product containers are loaded onto trucks using best safety products

• Ensure that all necessary packaging documents are handed over to the delivery personnel at the time of loading

• Shift and move products inside the delivery vehicle so that they are stacked properly

• Enter picking, packing and loading information into the predefined Amazon database

• Handle voice directed picking processes by following set protocols

• Maintain daily production and packing records

• Report any errors in product selection and quantity to the supervisor immediately

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