Why do hiring managers place more focus on the cover letter than the resume? Cover letters are easier to analyze – hiring managers read your cover letter and immediately know what it is that you bring to the table. They do not have to go through long accounts of how great you are, and that […]

Guidelines Before venturing to write a records management clerk resume, make a list of all that you have done and achieved in the past, including your skills and attributes. This way, you will be able to write your resume in a more articulate manner, allowing the information to remain structured throughout. The following resume sample […]

Position Overview A records management clerk is hired by an organization that requires its data to be handled in an appropriate manner. The main work of a person working at this position is to make sure that all data that a company possess is properly handled and stored. These people ensure that the records management […]

Whether it is interpersonal or leadership skills that a hiring manager is looking for, he cannot know where they will be available if a candidate does not make them obvious. Records management clerk resumes and cover letters are great avenues for you to highlight what your capabilities are. Use these two documents to create an […]

When an interview is in the pipeline, the best favor that you can do for yourself is to tackle it with the finest tool that you have – knowledge. If you are prepared for the interview process, nothing in the world can bring you down. It is only when your preparation lacks something that you […]

Skipping cover letters means leaving interviews on the table. Employers prefer to receive resumes that are accompanies by well-structured cover letters that tell them all there is to know about a candidate. Anything less than perfect is considered trash. Cover letter writing may not be the easiest thing to do but it is definitely the […]

Hiring managers gauge resumes on self-developed scales that measure how well an individual has been able to articulate his or her abilities, qualifications, achievements, academic background and work experience. If what you have written in your resume adds up, you have a great chance of being called in for an interview. But information is not […]