An interview can be an applicant’s worst nightmare owing to the fact that most interviews aren’t anything less scary than a good horror movie! But it doesn’t have to be this way. Interviews are simply judgement tools that help employers determine if the person who has interested them because he or she wrote a rocking […]

Overview For hiring managers, one resume may as well be the same as another one – unless the “other” one is something special, which is only possible if a candidate has bothered to make an effort to write a good one. Here is a sample Training and Development Manager Resume for you to follow: Related: […]

A Training and Development Manager resume summary can go a long way in making a recruiter decide to hire you immediately. Yes, that is how important it is. A resume that begins without a summary usually confuses a hiring manager, often leading to him or her leaving your resume on the table, and picking up […]

A resume is not complete if it begins abruptly. Abrupt resumes are very difficult to comprehend, even if the hiring manager is a pro at processing them. Generally, it is difficult for hiring managers to gauge what a candidate wants to say through a resume, if the introduction part is not informative. Objectives serve as […]

It is quite a feat to impress a hiring manager who has been impressed by many candidates’ cover letter writing skills over the years. Difficult but not impossible. If you have a knack for reaching out to a prospective employer to provide information of how good you can be at the work place, you have […]

Position Overview A training and development manager is hired by organizations that have a profound need to train their employees on an ongoing basis. These individuals are basically responsible for making sure that each individual employee (whether it is an existing one or a new employee) gets the training that he or she needs, so […]

You can either ace an interview or do great damage to your confidence. There is no middle ground here. Since the latter is not really an option, it is best of you work towards your goal of being successful at an interview. What is it that makes a Training and Development Manager interview successful? An […]