A hiring manager going through a pet sitter resume will look for one thing primarily i.e. structure. A well-structured resume opens great doors for candidates. What does a well-structured resume look like? Something like the following example:         Pet Sitter Resume Example     Eli Evans 7223 Siskin Cir | North Augusta, […]

Resumes for college student worker position are our main application documents which mean that they have to be absolutely perfect in every sense. Looking through a resume, a hiring manager often makes up his or her mind if the candidate is worth anything. If you want to give prospective employers something to think about, create […]

If only candidates could hear the silent sigh that all hiring managers let out when they pick up cover letters! All cover letters begin to merge and blur after a while. Applicants do not know what other applicants have written in their cover letters – imagine what will happen if most candidates for one position […]

A college student worker is an individual who provides first line assistance to both new and existing students. He or she is hired primarily from within the college because existing students know the inner workings of the college office (to a great extent) and need minimal training. Sometimes, a college students who is currently enrolled […]

You can win great interview favors if you keep just one thing in mind – the homework part. An interview is like a battleground that needs to be scouted before the actual battle begins. When you know what is placed where beforehand, you can easily move in for the kill! Okay, so interviews are not […]

Each employment specialist resume that you write for each company needs to be unique. A tailored resume wins interviews. When you send the same resume to apply for all positions, you take the individuality away from your candidature.   Look at the sample below for reference on how to write a targeted resume:     […]

An employment specialist cover letter can reach depths that you cannot simply because you do not have access to a hiring manager, before the interview stage. And to reach the interview stage, you have to possess great insight into how to communicate your skills to a hiring manager. When you sit down to contemplate what […]