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Medical Front Office Summary for Resume (5+ Examples)

A medical front office resume should begin with a solid summary to project the individual’s knowledge of working at the frontend of a busy medical office. Skills pertaining to the first contact, and other tier-1 services should be highlighted in your resume summary statement. You must also focus on your knowledge of handling scheduling and… Read More »

Medical Archivist Resume Sample and Guidelines

How to Write a Medical Archivist Resume? A medical archivist’s resume should essentially hold information about skills in gathering patient information by collecting demographic data from a variety of sources. The resume should project that the candidate can effectively maintain master patient indexes, and has experience in initiating medical records by creating folders. Typically, a… Read More »

Medical Archivist Cover Letter Sample and Guidelines

How to Write a Medical Archivist Cover Letter? When writing a medical archivist cover letter, make sure that you offer information regarding your ability to handle medical and demographic records. The cover letter should typically highlight the candidate’s ability to gather patient information, maintain master indexes, and initiate medical records. It is important to know… Read More »

Entry Level EMT Cover Letter No Experience

An EMT’s cover letter, especially when you have no experience in hand, should be written to impress. Technically, the cover letter should focus on the individual’s training as an EMT, and their ability to handle emergent situations with professionalism. Since the decision to hire an EMT will be based on how well they have written… Read More »

Medical Administrative Assistant Skills for Resume

A medical administrative assistant’s work is considered highly important in a medical facility. Most medical administrative assistants are scrutinized heavily before they are hired. The hiring manager will want to know if the candidate is skilled in both the technological and clerical areas of the work. As far as skills for a medical administrative assistant… Read More »

Radiographer Cover Letter Sample

There is no one way of writing a cover letter to apply for a radiographer position. However, whichever way you use will just highlight your individual personality, which is a good thing. There are some things that are common in all cover letters, the most important of which is the fact that they all have radiography… Read More »