3 Food Service Manager Cover Letter Samples

Updated on: June 18, 2022

Foodservice managers are required to handle the operations of a grocery store, restaurant, school, or food service outlet.

While food service managers do not need any formal education (unless specified by a prospective employer) to work in this role, they do need to be knowledgeable in customer service and food management.

Here are 3 sample cover letters for the food service manager resume.

Food Service Manager Cover Letter Sample 1

Henry Jackson
(000) 999-0000

June 18, 2022

Mr. Christo Jenner
Manager Human Resources
Five Star Food Service
901 Garvey Road
Palm Bay, FL 13761

Dear Mr. Jenner:

Achieving complete customer satisfaction is one of the most challenging things to do, especially in today’s competitive world, and requires a strategic thinker who can establish profitable relationships and maintain value-added services.

My verifiable achievements can measure my accomplishments in the food service industry. Based on my extensive experience, I can effectively contribute to the continued success of Five Star Food Service in the role of a Food Service Manager.

One of my greatest strengths lies in my ability to hire and develop food service staff and implement customer service strategies to heighten revenue growth, expand the patron base, and substantially improve overall profits. I am well-versed in supervising food production, maintaining food and supply inventories, and keeping up-to-date with modern food trends. My ability to ensure product quality and proper sanitation and safety of food will be a definite asset.

My resume is enclosed for your perusal. I will call next week about a good time to meet so that we can discuss this further. Thank you very much for your consideration.


Henry Jackson
(000) 999-0000

(Enc: Resume)

Food Service Manager Cover Letter Sample 2

June 18, 2022

Mr. Jose Garcia
Hiring Manager
Food Time
90 Redman Road
Milan, MI 22563

Dear Mr. Garcia:

As an accomplished Food Service Manager, with 10+ years’ extensive experience in managing food service teams, I firmly believe that I can make a significant contribution to Food Time.

From leadership to performance and all the way to results, I am always successful in the food service arena. Here is a list of my qualifications:

  1. Keen business acumen with a track record of successful staffing and leading food workers to perform their best in a customer service-oriented environment.
  2. An expert strategist who is customer-focused and ensures that all food service activities are aimed at customer satisfaction.
  3. Superior food service abilities with exceptional expertise in monitoring food preparation methods, portion control, and garnishing activities.

I possess outstanding communication, presentation, and negotiation skills, with a great ability to excel in action-oriented roles. I appreciate the courtesy that you have extended in reviewing this letter and anticipate a personal meeting with you where I can demonstrate my enthusiasm for becoming an integral part of Food Time. Please contact me at (000) 555-5555.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Thomas Cook

Enc: Resume

Food Service Manager Cover Letter Sample 3

Patricia Burns
305 Riverwalk Apartments, 6th Street
Jellico, TN 65882
(000) 888-8888
p.burns @ email . com

June 18, 2022

Mr. Roman Nathanial
Hiring Manager
5 Sunset Avenue
Jellico, TN 37762

Dear Mr. Nathanial:

As a dedicated and seasoned food service manager with over 8 years of exposure in food service-related work, I am enthusiastic to work for AECOM. Owing to the fact that my experience and exposure are not limited to restaurants and cafes, I believe that I will be an excellent fit for the corporate environment that your organization offers.

Some of the areas where you will find me to be exceptionally proficient include:

  1. High-Quality Food Service
  2. Health and Safety Management
  3. Sourcing Focus
  4. Culinary Production
  5. Budget and Cost Control
  6. Portion Control Policies

For a more comprehensive view of my experience and qualifications to work as a food service manager, please refer to the enclosed resume. If you require any information that is not part of either of these documents, please feel free to contact me at (000) 888-8888.


Patricia Burns

Enc: Resume