Social Media Coordinator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 30, 2018

Social media coordinators work with internet tools and applications to provide companies with marketing and promotional benefit.

An Individual working in this position will need to ensure that s/he is computer savvy and holds command on how to effectively manage promotional activities over different social media channels.

Let us look at how a social media coordinator needs to write a cover letter when applying for a job in this capacity.



Sample Cover Letter for Social Media Coordinator



8001 Lawrence Hts
Jericho, VT 44262

April 30, 2018

Mr. Donald Rage
Manager HR
6652 Cliff Street
Jericho, VT 53432


Dear Mr. Rage:

I saw your advertisement in Daily Ads for the position of a Social Media Coordinator at Coke and would like to offer my skills and services for this position. Since I have worked considerably on internet marketing and social media campaigns, I am confident that I possess the business acumen that is necessary to perform this job correctly.

My strongest point is my passion for the internet and social media. Since I understand the trade exceptionally and am familiar with all tools that govern it, I am positive that I will have much to add to your company’s promotional activities. Possessing excellent knowledge of Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr and Linkedin I have the right expertise to effectively and efficiently create and manage promotional strategies that actually bring results.

My resume is enclosed herewith containing a detailed account of my work experience and skills. I would like to meet with you in person so that we can discuss this in detail. I will call you after some days to set a meeting time. In the interim, please feel free to contact me at (000) 020-6666 if you need any additional information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jayden Crowe

Jayden Crowe

Enc. Resume