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Shipping and Receiving Skills for Resume

How you succeed professionally in a work environment through using a skill. Skills make a vital part of a shipping and receiving resume, detailing exactly what a candidate can do, suggesting how he will be beneficial to the prospective employer if hired. Skills are defined on many levels. Mental skills such as the ability to analyze situations and develop… Read More »

Packing and Shipping Clerk Job Description for Resume

In freight companies and others that have defined shipping needs, packing and shipping clerks play an important role. Responsible primarily for handling the many pivotal duties aimed at ensuring smooth shipping activities, Packing and Shipping Clerks keep busy all day long. Packing and shipping clerks pick out items from storage areas and ensure that they… Read More »

Shipping Clerk Resume Example

Shipping clerks work in the manufacturing and warehouse environments where their primary duty is to handle the shipment demands of the company, i.e., incoming and outgoing shipments. They prepare outgoing shipments by ensuring the accuracy of order and packaging details. Shipping clerks need to be savvy with the merchandising industry as a significant part of… Read More »

Shipping Clerk Job Description and Duties for Resume

Shipping Clerk Job Description Shipping clerks are usually employed by warehouses where they are required to ensure that the merchandise which is being shipped in or out is done so in a proper manner. They maintain shipping records and handle the paperwork associated with shipping duties. They prepare consignments by checking quality and quantity, ensuring… Read More »