Shipping Receiving Clerk Resume Sample

Updated on: July 27, 2021

Consider this. You are a hiring manager and have received a resume that says nothing different than the hundred others that you have seen over the years.

How would you react?

Happy is perhaps not the feeling that you will get.

You will either be indifferent or furious – either case means that you will dump the resume and pick up another one.

Now put yourself in the position of a job seeker.

What do you have to do? Not write an ordinary resume is the right answer. Here is a sample for you to get ideas:

Shipping and Receiving Clerk Resume Example

Sharon Walker
789 Saxton Road, Dover, DE 11023
(000) 141-7474
Sharon.walker @ email . com


Self-directed and resourceful shipping and receiving clerk with extensive experience in handling incoming and outgoing shipments within large warehouse environments. Exceptionally well-versed in organizing shipping procedures and receiving processes according to designated rules and regulations. A dexterous individual who fills orders according to set shipping SOPs (standard operating procedures).

• Reverse Distribution
• Inventory Monitoring
• Raw Materials Handling
• Labeling and Packaging
• Forklift Operations
• Shipment Examination


Shipping and Receiving Clerk
Flowserve, Dover, DE 

Key Achievements
• Introduced the concept of reverse distribution, resulting in streamlining of returned goods.
• Implemented a dynamic invoice preparation system, decreasing invoice creation time by 50%.
• Increased warehouse storage space by 29% by suggesting stacking boxes in a vertical manner.

Key Responsibilities
• Refer to daily order sheets to determine receiving and shipping duties.
• Take directions from supervisor to determine work duties and make lists of all activities.
• Receive shipments and assist in unloading them from delivery trucks.
• Determine if all necessary documentation has been received and filed.
• Devise storage methods for each shipment and allocate storage space according to the type of shipment received.
• Pick orders from storage areas and compare them with work orders to determine accuracy.
• Label and pack orders in the correct manner to make them shipment-ready.
• Use forklifts to pick / transport items from one place to another within the warehouse.

Shipping and Receiving Clerk
Some Warehouse
, Dover, DE

Key Achievements
• Streamlined inventory by introducing and implementing a process that provided automatic alerts for low inventory levels.
• Arranged finished products within the warehouse by strictly following LIFO and FIFO methods.

Key Responsibilities
• Performed periodic inventory checks including documenting daily inactive inventory.
• Received and inspected returned products to determine problems and resolve them according to company policies.
• Ascertained that all required paperwork is prepared and sent off with shipments.
• Assisted in loading items onto delivery vehicles and arranging them safely.
• Updated receiving and shipping information in the company database.
• Oversaw inventory cycle counts.
• Liaised with procurements officers to facilitate the procurement of supplies.

Warehouse Worker
, Dover, DE

Key Responsibilities
• Picked orders according to specific instructions provided by supervisors.
• Matched order cards to picked items to ensure accuracy regarding type and quantity.
• Moved products between different locations within the warehouse for packing and labeling purposes.
• Loaded and unloaded items onto delivery vehicles and ensured that they were properly stacked.
• Ensured the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the warehouse, in accordance to the company’s standards and procedures.

High School Diploma
Dover High School, Dover, DE