Shipping Clerk Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: February 8, 2021
Shipping Clerk Job Description

Shipping clerks are usually employed by warehouses where they are required to ensure that the merchandise which is being shipped in or out is done so in a proper manner.

They maintain shipping records and handle the paperwork associated with shipping duties. They prepare consignments by checking quality and quantity, ensuring that there is no damage and making sure that they are correctly labeled.

The work of a shipping clerk is quite demanding as they need to handle the smallest of details associated with preparing shipments. They are responsible for making arrangements for shipment pick-up and delivery and ensuring that they are an active part of both procedures.

They interact with people who come in to pick up shipments and delivery people to maintain knowledge of each shipment. They also handle merchandise inventory systems to ensure that the items ordered are in stock.

Apart from handling the high end of shipping duties, shipping clerks also prepare invoices and compute freight costs and may also directly move shipments from one place to another. To be eligible for the position of a shipping clerk, one has to possess a high school diploma or GED. Many employers prefer experienced people since the need for accuracy is high in this job.

People endeavoring to understand what the position of a shipping clerk entails may refer to the following list of duties particular to a shipping clerk’s position.

Shipping Clerk Duties & Responsibilities

• Handle incoming and outgoing shipments by checking them physically
• Check products for defects and accuracy
• Ensure posting of outbound deliveries using pre-designated software
• Organize packaging procedures to ensure the safety of the shipment
• Ensure that serial and batch numbers match the product
• Pull, pack, and ship finished goods
• Process customers’ orders by ensuring that the right shipment is on its way
• Perform shipment receiving duties while ensuring the right item has been delivered
• Report and replace any defective item prior to packing
• Prepare and paste labels on shipments
• Prepare invoices and delivery orders
• Ensure that all transactions are recorded in the company database
• Verify the accuracy of orders by matching them with quantities and types
• Ensure that items are properly packed and labeled
• Make sure that items are loaded onto shipment vehicle in a safe and timely manner
• Operate forklift to transport shipments from the storage area to the pallet
• Handle space arrangements for incoming shipments in the storage areas
• Ensure that the warehouse is cleaned and maintained at all times
• Count daily cycles of assigned areas
• Take part in year-end and general inventory procedures