While lack of experience is a major hindrance many beginners face in resume writing, excess of the same can also be troublesome. Professionals often end up creating a three paged document in the name of resume since they want to mention every role they have been in. It is important to realize here that the employers don’t have much time to go through such detailed documents. Try to develop a concise yet comprehensive resume instead. Ideal length for a resume is one page.

To construct an impressive jeweler resume, you must focus on the requirements of the organization you are applying at. Once you have determined the same, there are two ways to go about it. One is to simply mention your 2-3 latest work experiences and the other is to go for a skills based resume. Such a resume will have a separate section for skills and achievements (applicable for all the jobs you have held so far) and a brief work summary section that will merely enlist your work experience with dates.


Bench Jeweler Resume Example


Samuel Jacobson

76 Huckleberry Sq | Bethlehem, PA 87444
(005) 222-6666 | samuel . Jacobson @ email .com


Enthusiastic and prudent jewelry professional offering 6+ years of experience in jewelry repair, production and designing. Areas of expertise include:

✔ Sterling silver and copper alloy jewelry making and repair
✔ Stone based jewelry designing
✔ 20, 22 and 24 carat gold molding
✔ Waxing, rolling, polishing and laser lamination techniques

• Knowledge of modern precious metal recovery techniques utilizing vacuum bags and filings
• Able to communicate effectively with customers and comply to their task relevant desires and preferences
• Capable of ensuring maintenance of gold stock and loose stones through efficient and prompt paper work
• Well versed in gold, stones and other precious metal related safety protocols
• Track record of meeting repair and production order deadlines while ensuring product and service quality
• Specialized courses in jewelry designing
• Detailed oriented individual with strong interpersonal skills

• Earned second prize for Tiffany & Co at the annual jewelry exhibition 2014 involving displays from 12 plus countries, via execution of innovative jewelry designing and stone embedding skills
• Initiated an automated pre check system using spread sheets which reduced inventory maintenance hassle and considerably decreased work stress among jewelry laborers and craftsmen

▬ Jewelry Consultant | Tiffany & Co, Bethlehem, PA | April 2012 – Present
▬ Production Jeweler | Zale Corporation, Bethlehem, PA | July 2010 – March 2012
▬ Repair Jeweler | Kay Jewelers, Bethlehem, PA | August 2008 – June 2010

Associated Degree in jewelry Designing
J.K University, Bethlehem, PA | July 2008