10 Food Packer Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: June 9, 2022

Preparing for a food packer job interview can be stressful.

Before going for an interview, collect all information you can get about the employer.

If it’s a food packer position you must be familiar with the menu and their packaging material beforehand.

The following are 10 sample food packer interview questions and their possible answers.

10 Food Packer Interview Questions and Answers

1. How do you ensure the accuracy of an order?

I ensure order accuracy by tallying all items packed against the order list and then double-checking the same.

2. How do you handle customer complaints about the quality of the food?

I have been trained to listen empathetically, apologize for the inconvenience and forward the complaint to the kitchen directly.

3. Share an example where you went out of the way to help a colleague and what impact it had on your workplace atmosphere?

Last Christmas the person who had the shift after me was late. I volunteered to stay 3 extra hours, seeing that there was no one else available. This gesture went a long way and our interpersonal relations improved a lot after this.

4. Share an example where you learned the usage of any new equipment?

One year ago we had this new coffee machine at the chain. It was a complicated one. I had a hard time understanding it but I did not give up and after a lot of practice, I perfected its usage.

5. Do you think you are physically fit for this job?

I possess a lot of physical stamina and I am capable of standing for long periods of time. My attention to detail and eye-hand coordination is good; my packaging speed is also pretty fast and I was famous for order accuracy at my last job place.

6. Share an achievement from your past work experience?

I introduced a unique burger wrapping technique that was quick and better.

7. Walk me through the steps you follow from taking an order to dispatching it?

I receive the order list and the food. Then I tally and measure out each item. After that, I pack and assemble the food, double-check and then dispatch or hand it over according to the specifications given.

8. Share an experience when you had to use presentation skills to explain something to a customer?

I once had a customer who had no idea about the menu. I showed them the menu but they were unable to comprehend it. So I quickly explained to them what type of sauces each product had and helped them make their decision.

9. What do you see yourself doing within 2 weeks of your hiring?

Within the first 2 weeks of hiring, I see myself memorizing the menu learning the chain-specific protocols of food packaging, and developing a good rapport with my new teammates.

10. Have you ever covered for a colleague tasks other than food packaging in their absence?

Yes, I was often asked to cover for the cashier. I am well versed in using and balancing the cash till.

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