6 Food Technologist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: October 21, 2021

There is no formula that will help you ace a Food Technologist interview if you haven’t prepared for it.

Preparing for an interview is certainly no rocket science.

Once you know that your confidence is in order, all that you have to do is look through possible questions and answers that might be asked at the interview table.

Here is a set for you to look through:

Food Technologist Interview Questions and Answers

1. What makes you feel that working as a food technologist is the future for you?

I have always been fascinated by food processing and associated procedures, and have been working diligently to cut a niche for myself in this work. I believe that working in food technology has a lot of prospects, and I would like to peruse a career in it in the future as well.

2. What duties have you been performing in this role?

While working as a food technologist, I have been actively involved in applying both scientific and engineering principles in research and development, and production technology, and conducting basic research and new product research and development of food products and lines. In addition to this, I have been developing new and improved methods and systems for food processing, studying methods to improve the quality of food products, developing and implementing food standards, and safety and sanitary regulations, and testing new products in a laboratory environment.

3. What skills set do you think one requires when working as a food technologist?

I believe that it is important for food technologists to possess a deep understanding of food, nutrition, and health, along with an exceptional ability to handle food safety and quality management. Also, it is important for food technologists to be hands-on in food science and technology, and have it in them to understand and work with the concepts of microbiology, chemistry, and life and medical sciences.

4. If there is one thing that you look out for when performing your duties, what is it?

I believe in lessening the number of additives in all food lines or products assigned to me. This is one area that I concentrate on quite a lot.

5. What is your take on organic food products?

I believe that organic food products are the future. If ever given a chance to work in an environment that caters to these, I will welcome it with both hands.

6. In the next 5 years, where do you see yourself as a professional?

I hope to work extensively in food technology and processing, a feat that I am presently working diligently towards. Hopefully in the next few years, I will be in a position to make a positive impact on how food is processed and prepared within an assigned jurisdiction.