Warehouse Packer Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 14, 2018

Not preparing for an interview is professional suicide.

You cannot expect a hiring manager to forward any sympathy to an individual who is obviously unprepared.

To prepare yourself for a warehouse packer interview, have a look at the following set of questions and answers:




Warehouse Packer Interview Questions and Answers

What have been your primary duties while working as a warehouse packer in your present / previous position?
As a warehouse worker, my prime duties in my present place of work are locating items from storage areas within the warehouse, picking items according to specified orders, checking items to ensure that they are accurate, and in sync with the information on the order sheet, transporting items to the packing area, and packing them properly, and ensuring that they are properly loaded onto awaiting delivery trucks.

In your opinion, what skills does one need in order to work as a packer?
I believe that while working as a warehouse packer, you have to possess an amalgamation of skills. These include knowledge of the various methods in which orders can be picked, ability to pick the right type and quantity of items, a capability of managing packing and labeling activities, and knowledge of creating paperwork in accordance with the specifics of each order.

Speaking of order picking methods, which ones are you most proficient in?
I am proficient in most order picking methods, widely used in the country. These include static shelving, carton flow racking, carousels, ASRS, automatic picking machines, pick to light systems, barcode scanning, and voice-directed picking.

And which one do you find to be most functional?
To be honest, all of these methods are quite functional in their own way. The one I like the best is voice-directed picking, as I find it to be most accurate.

What has been your highest achievement while working as a warehouse packing?
The warehouse where I am working at the moment was using archaic methods of picking orders, which wasted a lot of time. Shortly after I joined, I suggested implementing both voice-directed picking and ASRS, which reduced the time it took to locate and pick orders by a staggering 85%. This I believe has been my highest achievement until now.

Where do you see yourself in the future, professionally speaking?
I have begun working as a warehouse packer only 2 years ago, and I have a lot to learn yet. Once I have gained a little more experience, I hope to climb the ladder to the position of a warehouse supervisor.