6 Picker Packer Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: December 25, 2022

Picker Packer Interviews provide you with the opportunity to self-analyze and see deep into yourself to gauge your abilities.

Refer to the following set of picker-packer interview questions and answers in order to determine what you may be asked at an interview:

6 Common Interview Questions and Answers for Picker Packer Job

1. What makes working as a picker packer at a warehouse worth its while?

I believe that working as a picker/packer in a warehouse environment is quite challenging. While you may be doing repetitive work, the interesting part never goes out of it.

2. How important do you think accuracy is when working as a picker-packer?

I believe that accuracy is everything in this job. If you do not pick, pack, and ship the exact order that has been asked for, there is a huge risk involved, as you might lose customers.

3. How do you make the accuracy of an order a surety?

Over the years, I learned that you cannot simply do something once and be satisfied that you have done it well. Performing quality checks is imperative. And that is what I do – every time I look at an order sheet, I read it several times to etch the details in my mind. I then make sure that I compare what I have pulled with the information on the original order sheet before I pack and ship it out.

4. As far as the physical requirements of the job are concerned, what is your take on this work?

I am a physically strong and dexterous person. I do not need any extra help in reaching difficult-to-reach places to pick up an order, as I can comfortably use my physical agility to handle this. And the work does not tire me as quickly as someone who may not be used to the physical rigors of working in a warehouse environment.

5. Tell us the routine that you follow from the time you receive a picking order to when it is shipped.

As soon as I receive an order, I read it thoroughly to determine where the item(s) is placed. I look for the item, compare batch and product codes with the original order sheet, pick it, transport it to the packaging area, pack it according to instructions, tag and label it, and then load it onto the waiting delivery truck, along with all associated paperwork.

6. What kind of skills does one need to be successful at working as a picker-packer in a warehouse environment?

Meticulousness is perhaps the first and most important skill one needs to be able to work as a picker/packer in a warehouse environment. Additionally, one needs to possess excellent problem-solving skills, be efficient, and possess the ability to work in a team environment.

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