4 Food Service Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 20, 2022

Food service managers work in the hospitality industry where their main job is to ensure that the provision of food and beverage service is above-par and is according to the standards of the company.

They may be expected to plan menus, and oversee food preparation techniques and activities, requiring food supplies and staff training activities.

Food service managers may work in hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, and any other establishment that serves food.

They plan work schedules and assign staff duties, assist in training and supervisory functions, and manage arrays of food such as buffets and large orders to ensure accuracy, speed, and cleanliness.

If you are planning on hiring a food service manager, you will need to know just the right questions at the interview.

The following are examples of some questions and answers that you would expect in this regard:

Food Service Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

1. How can you contribute to making our restaurant a more successful place?

I believe in quality services no matter what industry I work in. The restaurant business needs quality as no other business does. Being a part of your organization, I will focus on quality and customer service first which I believe to be the two critical aspects of this business.

2. How do you work in a supervisory role without making adversaries?

Not difficult at all. If everything I say sounds like a suggestion in a tone that demands respect, I have no chance of making adversaries and all the possibilities in the world to make friends!

3. How important is customer service to you?

One of the most essential things in any industry is customer service because that is how businesses thrive. I ensure that I keep all my customers happy at all times and in the event of an irate one, I make ways and channels to satisfy him or her as best as I can.

4. Tell us about your leadership skills.

I am an effective communicator and able to lead a multicultural team. I am familiar with different motivational techniques which I successfully utilized to maximize staff efficiency at my previous place of work.