Fast Food Restaurant Cashier Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: February 13, 2022

A fast-food restaurant cashier interview should be taken seriously.

That is because the interview decides how good you are as a professional and where you stand as far as employment is concerned.

Take a look at the following set of fast food cashier interview questions and answers to get help.

Fast Food Restaurant Cashier Interview Questions and Answers

1. How is a cashier working in a fast food restaurant different from one working in a fine dining one?

A fast food restaurant cashier has much more on his plate than one working for a fine dining restaurant. The former does not only perform cashiering duties but is also responsible for handling orders and making sure that they are packed properly and on time.

2. Why did you opt to work as a fast food restaurant cashier rather than at a fine dining establishment?

I believe that working at a fast food restaurant provides more challenges than one working at a fine dining restaurant. I get to learn about food and customer service as well as handling the cashiering part. Since I am all for challenging work, opting to work as a fast food restaurant cashier made more sense to me.

3. What do you know about the food handling part of working as a fast food restaurant cashier?

Apart from taking and relaying orders to the kitchen, I can efficiently handle some food preparation activities, along with packing and serving food according to restaurant standards and protocols.

4. Have you ever been in a situation where your cashiering skills came into play?

There was once an incident when the till that I was handling showed a $300 discrepancy at closing time. Since I was sure that I had not made any mistakes during the shift, I looked at it with a lot of scrutinies, resulting in discovering that it was an order that was not entered in the system.

5. If you discovered that you had an extra $500 in the cash drawer at the end of your shift, what would you do?

My first instinct would be to decipher where the extra cash has come from. Once I know that I will do what standard operating procedures dictate. I will definitely let my manager know of the issue at hand.

6. As far as skills are concerned, where do you rate yourself between 1 and 10, 1 being the lowest on the scale?

I would give myself a realistic 8. This is because one is in a constant learning phase when working in any customer service capacity.