Food Packer Resume Sample

Updated: June 5, 2022

A food packer is responsible for preparing, assembling, and packaging food and beverages.

The most challenging aspect of this kind of task is that it requires the candidates to perform repetitive actions with accuracy.

Desired skills for a food packer position generally include attention to detail, focus, and alertness. Your resume must be designed in a manner that these skills are highlighted most.

As different food chains sell different products, their job description might also vary.

It is best to go through the food packer job descriptions first and then tailor your resume in a manner that puts you in a favorable light.

If you have prior experience in the field then always start with achievements in the experience section.

Below is a food packer resume sample for you:

Food Packer Resume Example

Liam Davis
68 Harley Lane
Washington, DC 78999
(000) 951-9565
liam . davis @ email . com

Energetic and competent food packer with 7+ years of experience in food and beverage packaging. Active listening skills with the ability to pay attention to detail. Well-versed with state-approved food-handling hygiene protocols and highly proficient in the usage of various packaging equipment.

• Active listening skills
• Familiarity with pallet lifting tools
• Knowledge of packaging material and its use
• Excellent eye-hand coordination
• Ability to stand for long time periods
• Ability to perform repetitive tasks with accuracy
• Attention to detail
• Inventory keeping
• Cash till operation


Food Packer
Jacobs Fast Food, Washington, DC
May 2017 – June 2022
Key Achievements
• Introduced drive through a mechanism that reduced order wait time by 5 minutes per order on average
• Designed and implemented a unique bag design for signature fries.
• Earned employee of the year award 2 years in a row.
Key Responsibilities
• Greeted the customers and noted their orders carefully.
• Guided the customers about the menu as required.
• Punched the orders and forwarded the same to the kitchen.
• Assembled and packed the ordered meal accurately in a secure and hygienic manner.
• Covered the cash counter when needed.

Order Dispatcher
MacDonald’s, Washington, DC
July 2015 – May 2017
Key Achievements
• Initiated a computerized order tracking system which reduced manual effort by 50%.
• Devised and implemented a burger wrapping technique that ensured crispness and also retained the moisture to ensure non-leakage of sauces.
Key Responsibilities
• Sealed and labeled the containers and filled in the correct weight and quantity information on the package.
• Cross checked the prepared food against the order and assembled it.
• Loaded and unloaded food parcels from trucks.
• Kept track of all orders dispatched for delivery.

High School Diploma
HTY College, Washington, DC

Food Handler License, 2017

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