Food Packer Cover Letter Sample

Updated June 5, 2022
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A food packer cover letter is a must-send to secure a job interview.

Some recruiters require a cover letter some don’t. Even if the employer has not asked you to send a cover letter it is strongly recommended to send one.

A good cover letter can reflect your eagerness to work and give an insight into your personality traits that couldn’t possibly be gauged in your resume.

Use active language and show your interest in the position by highlighting your favorable personality traits.

If you have experience as a food packer but in a chain that sells different types of products then you need to tailor your skills to match the specific position in question.

Here is an example for you to get ideas from:

Food Packer Cover Letter Example

David Carlos
78 N Kelly Street
Tampa, FL 85999
(000) 951-6214
david .carlos @ email . com

June 5, 2022

Ms. Martha Davis
HR Manager
Big Burgers
68 North Avenue
Tampa, FL 85999

Dear Ms. Davis:

I was excited to come across your vacancy for a food packer at Big Burgers. With 5+ years of relevant experience along with my food handler’s certificate, I feel confident that I’m a great fit for this role, and am excited to contribute to Big Burgers.

Working as a food packer with ABC Company has trained me in many things including modern food packaging techniques, handling drive-thru orders, and meeting the client’s special requests on a busy day. In addition, I am also an expert in inventory management, loading, and unloading of supplies, and POS handling.

I’m a seasoned team player with a track record of maintaining good working relationships with colleagues and managers. My employers have known me as a meticulous and detail-oriented person and an active listener with a good work ethic.

With a great passion to outperform in the capacity of a food packer, I am eager to discuss my talents with you. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


David Carlos

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