Best Excavator Operator Resume Sample

Updated on May 30, 2019

Excavator Operator Resume Writing Guidelines

In the job market, creativity is always welcome!

That’s why you have to highlight some exclusive skills to make your Excavator Operator Resume shine.


When building a resume for the excavator operator position, the first step is to determine the employer’s needs.

Subsequently, go through your skills and trace the ones that match with the job requirements.

Tailoring skills set aside, another and perhaps more effective task to create an impression is to provide evidence of those skills.

The employers need to see your capabilities in terms of accomplishments.


If you are short of space, you may skip the duties section while elaborating your past experiences but never omit the accomplishments section.

This section is your primary marketing tool.

Show the employer what wonders you have done previously, so they know your potential and hire you on that basis.

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Excavator Operator Resume Sample


Xavier Parker
544 Huff St, Winona, MN 52747
(005) 666-5555


Physically-dexterous, cautious, and methodical professional offering extensive experience in the construction arena. Particularly skilled in operating excavators and conducting minor servicing and maintenance of excavators.

• Adept at active pre and post operational inspection of the machinery
• Hands on experience in operating a diverse range of hydraulic excavators
• Immense ability to collaborate with the foreman and construction team to ensure accurate maneuvers of the excavator


Excavator Operator
Rummel Construction, Winona, MN | 2011 – Present

• Efficiently operate excavators to facilitate the construction process
• Assist in digging measured ditches and pipe laying
• Conduct regular preventive maintenance of the machinery and report any problem to the foreman promptly


• Reduced maintenance costs of the machinery by 10% through effective and timely lubrication of moveable parts
• Enhanced the ditch depth measuring operation and reduced manual effort to a great extent by utilizing optimization techniques given in the machinery’s manual

Excavator Operator
Waste Connections, Winona, MN | 2008 – 2011

• Followed instructions of the ground crew regarding gravel filling and grading
• Dug ditches of prescribed depth and dimensions
• Correctly weighed gravel and other fillings before commencing the excavation operation


• Assessed under soil moisture hazard timely and saved the construction company form a major accident


High School Diploma

• Valid CDL holder
• Excellent hand-eye coordination
• Familiar with OSHA/MSHA workplace safety guidelines
• Comfortable with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

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