Excavator Operator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on May 30, 2019

Remember the quotation: ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’?

Well, for cover letters for Excavator Operator position, the same goes true. If you have a skill, there is definitely a way to express it!


Find the most impressive way to do so, and your letter will attain the desired impact!

In addition to technical skills, an excavator operator position also demands physical stamina.

The job requires good reflexes and eye-hand coordination.

To imprint the relevant skills in your cover letter, it is important to categorize them and match with the required skills.


Marketable skills must be given priority when it comes to cover letter writing.

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Excavator Operator Cover Letter Example


Jason Gibbs
899 Havana Sq
Alpine, CA 78222
Cellular: (005) 333-2222
Home: (004) 222-5555

May 10, 2019

Mr. Timothy Johnson
HR Director
Lumen Construction Co.
55 Chateau Ave
Alpine, CA 78222


Dear Mr. Johnson:

Do you seek a hard-working excavation operator who is Class A CDL holder with exceptional eye-hand coordination?

Could your company use the services of a dedicated individual who is capable of taking instructions and following them precisely?

If yes, then my resume is enclosed with this application for your consideration.

I have been working with various construction companies for the past eight years. I have heard much good about Lumen Construction Company and have long been waiting for a chance to join your team. Noticing your company’s vacancy announcement for an excavator operator, I set myself immediately on writing this letter.

In your advertisement, you have mentioned several skills, and I take pride in stating that I qualify in them all. On top of it, I also specialize in the following excavation operations:

✓ Top loading
✓ Battering
✓ Offside factor
✓ Single benching
✓ Oversize material
✓ Dig face

Having worked with renowned construction companies previously, I have developed a deep pool of knowledge regarding pipe laying techniques as well, which would prove to be an asset at Lumen Construction since you also offer water channeling services.

I would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you in person and discuss how I can contribute to your firm. I will call you next week to secure an interview date and time. Meanwhile, if you have any questions to ask, I’m available at (004) 102-2014 to answer them.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jason Gibbs

Encl. Resume

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