Entry Level Excavator Operator Resume With No Experience

Updated on: December 24, 2022

As an excavator operator, you should write a resume to present your professional profile, even if you have no experience in hand.

The fact that you are a great candidate for the job should be made obvious on the resume.

If you have no experience in hand, you should focus on your skills and training as an excavator operator.

Highlight your knowledge of operating excavators and other heavy equipment in a safe manner. Also, focus on your competency in performing daily maintenance and safety tasks and checks.

The idea is to convince the hiring manager to give you an opportunity to further prove yourself as an excavator operator.

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A resume sample for an excavator operator with no experience is provided below for your guidance:

Sample Entry Level Excavator Operator Resume With No Experience

Caleb Miles
85 7th Avenue NE
Allentown, PA49702
(000) 972-5487

Passionate Excavator Operator seeking employment at ABC Company. Bringing the excellent ability to operate and maintain excavators, hoes, and other heavy equipment in a safe and appropriate manner. Skilled in conducting pre-operational checks on equipment, and working with ground personnel in the execution and installation of pipe laying and other processes.

Heavy Equipment Operator Certificate
New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) in Old Westbury – 2022
84 coursework hours

High School Diploma
Allentown High School, Allentown, PA

• Equipment Operations
• Paperwork Management
• Safety Regulations
• Preventative Maintenance
• Machine Repair
• Trench Work
• Pipe Rigging
• Codes of Ethics


Wagman Heavy Work Inc., Allentown, PA
Oct 2022 – Dec 2022
• Inspected excavators at the beginning of each shift to ensure proper working order
• Operated hoes and excavators according to instructions
• Performed space-clearing work
• Responded to signals and directions to position excavators
• Operated heavy equipment manually
• Removed dirt from building areas
• Unloaded excavators in appropriate areas
• Coordinated with workers and laborers in order to determine to dig sites
• Assisted crew members in digging trenches and ditches
• Started engines, and moved throttles and switches
• Performed minor repairs on equipment
• Signaled trucks and other vehicles to help reach dig areas safely

• Volunteered services as a hospital attendant at a local cardiac hospital for 3 months
• Spearheaded a team of volunteers for Mission Clean Allentown in January 2020

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