Backhoe Operator Resume Sample

Updated on: July 25, 2018

The work of a backhoe operator is considered a huge part of a construction project, especially where excavation is required.

A backhoe operator uses the backhoe (or excavator) to dig trenches and holes, at both construction sites, and otherwise. It is important that a backhoe operator possesses the skill and knowledge to operate a backhoe or similar equipment if this is the work that he or she intends to do.

There is no single way of writing the best resume. Many works well. You can go through the following sample to see how you can write your own:


Backhoe Operator Resume Example


Steve Fuller
88 Gem Street, Maumee, OH 66730
(000) 999-5241


Uniquely qualified Backhoe Operator with 7 years of experience of working on excavation sites, by operating assigned backhoes and excavators, in a safe and efficient manner. Highly skilled in handling deep excavation tasks, keeping timelines in mind.

• Demonstrated ability to operate heavy equipment such as backhoes, loaders, and bulldozers.
• Proven talent in cutting and filling earth for building sites and roadbeds.
• Effectively able to perform clearing, stripping, excavating, and backfilling activities according to the provided instructions.
• Adept at digging holes and trenches, by making effective use of excavators and loaders.


✓ Excavation ✓ Machine Operations ✓ Preventative Maintenance
✓ Trench Digging and Filling ✓ Safety Procedures ✓ Safety Inspections
✓ Hazard Identification ✓ Material Moving ✓ Repairs
✓ Loading and Unloading ✓ Site Clearing ✓ Machine Settings

• Simultaneously handled 2 excavation projects at the same time, bringing both to completion on time.
• Implemented a series of novel safety procedures, which proved to be 70% safer than the ones already being followed.
• Identified a site clearing system, which took 50% less time than the one being used.
• Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance, thereby increasing the lie of equipment.


Backhoe Operator
The Excavators, Maumee, OH                  2014-present
• Check backhoes and other assigned equipment to ensure that it is in good working order, prior to use.
• Look through work orders to determine the type of excavation and digging required.
• Adjust and calibrate assigned backhoes to ensure that they work well during the course of the shift.
• Operate assigned backhoes in a proper manner, ensuring that they perform the work that is laid out.
• Dig holes and trenches according to specified instructions, after performing clearing activities.
• Ascertain that all safety and security issues are taken into account before operating assigned backhoes.
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on assigned equipment to ensure that it works well.
• Complete associated paperwork, and handle reporting work according to specified instructions.

Backhoe Operator
ICF Construction Company, Maumee, OH                 2011-2014
• Cleared work areas prior to each project, to ensure that construction work could be performed.
• Ensured that all debris was properly disposed of, according to the specifics provided by supervisors.
• Cleaned and maintained construction equipment, such as shovels, spades, backhoes, and forklifts.
• Created and maintained the inventory of all materials and supplies used for each construction project.
• Handled a wide variety of maintenance tasks, such as checking filters of equipment, and greasing it properly.

Maumee High School, Maumee, OH – 2009
High School Diploma

Backhoe Operator

Backhoe Operator Qualifications

A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a backhoe operator.

If you have worked in a similar capacity before, you will know how the work can be carried out and will be given high consideration. Working at this position means that you will be performing all your work activities outdoors, which will require you to be well-equipped to handle harsh weather conditions.

Safety of people around you should be of the utmost importance to you, as you will essentially be handling equipment that may be injurious to other people if not handled correctly. So following safety practices should be on top of your priority list. Moreover, you will need to be exceptionally talented in machine operations and possess the ability to maintain and repair assigned equipment in a timely, and efficient manner.

The following list of job duties particular to the position of a backhoe operator can be looked through for reference purposes:

Backhoe Operator Job Description

• Check assigned excavator or backhoe to ensure that it is in good working order, before the start of the shift.
• Look through work orders to determine what tasks need to be performed in the day, which may require the use of a backhoe.
• Test and calibrate backhoe to ensure that it is ready for the specifics of each assigned project.
• Operate the backhoe according to established protocols, ensuring that all safety measures are taken into account.
• Excavate the area where backhoe needs to be operated, by sending out warnings, and personnel to do the deed.
• Use backhoe controls to perform excavations, and dig holes and trenches, according to provided work orders.
• Assist in the placement of water, storm, and sanitary sewer pipes in the excavated areas.
• Identify any hazards or problems that may hinder excavation work, and report them to the supervisor.
• Check assigned backhoe and other equipment on a regular basis to ensure that any need for repair or maintenance is fulfilled.
• Create and maintain lists of activities performed each day, and ensure that any incidents are recorded as well.