Excavator Operator Cover Letter With No Experience 【Sample & Guidance】

Updated February 14, 2020


Focus on your skills and Knowledge

Writing a cover letter to apply for an excavator operator position will require you to focus on your skills, especially if you have no prior experience in hand. In such a case, highlight the fact that you can operate and maintaining hoes and excavators, and other heavy machinery properly. Also, your excavator operator cover letter should show your knowledge of working on construction sites.

Other considerations

You should emphasize that you can conduct safety and maintenance checks on assigned equipment and machinery. Basically, previous skills in an apprentice role need to be highlighted in your cover letter.

As an excavator operator, you should emphasize that you possess the knowledge of backhoe loading requirements and critical picks.

Also, you must highlight the fact that you can effectively maintain daily logs of equipment usage and maintenance.

To see how you can write an excavator operator cover letter, take a look at the following sample:


Sample Excavator Operator Cover Letter With No Experience



Yale White
(000) 125-3642

February 14, 2020

Mr. Gene Berry
Human Resources Manager
Environmental Quality Resources
54 Martin Road
Scranton, PA 10971


Dear Mr. Berry:

I am highly interested in the advertised position of an excavator operator at Environmental Quality Services. Having recently obtained an excavator license, and 12 months of training in operating and maintaining excavators and backhoes, I am positive that I am the right person for this position.

During the course of my training, I concentrated on learning the use of mechanical controls to operate the boom, arm, and bucket to excavate, level off, and work the ground. Some of the skills that I developed during this time include:

• Operating excavators in a safe and appropriate manner
• Conducting pre-operational checks on equipment
• Cleaning, lubricating, and refilling equipment as necessary
• Following directions of ground crew regarding craning, gravel placement, and grading

Owing to an inherent ability to learn quickly, I have been able to train with exceptional expertise. Operating excavators on public roadways, and maintaining awareness of surroundings are just a couple of skills that I boast. In addition to these, I am well-versed in rigging pipes, and digging trenches, along with ensuring that safe work procedures are followed.

Certain that a meeting between us will prove to be highly insightful for you, I would like to meet with you soon. In the meantime, you may reach me at (000) 125-3642 if you feel the need to acquire further information.




Yale White



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