An externship position in the culinary is a student based position that may or may not be paid. The main purpose of the position is to provide professional training to the candidates in their chosen field. It is a great opportunity gain hands on experience and training in culinary arts.

Your cover letter for culinary externship serves the purpose of introducing you as a candidate to the potential employer. The impact yielded by this cover letter will determine whether or not the employer will spare a few minutes to screen your resume. Therefore, a lot of consideration is required while writing the letter.

Following Cover Letter Sample for Culinary Externship will serve as guideline in this regard.


Culinary Externship Cover Letter Sample


Ivy Trevor

215 Fisher’s Street | New Port, CA 67332
Cellular: (004) 333-5555 | Home: (005) 666-4444 | ivy . trevor @ email . com

January 24, 2016

Mr. Daniel Hitch
HR Manager
Fine Diner
67 Yale Avenue
New Port, CA 67332


Dear Mr. Hitch:

Being a genuine admirer of your unique taste and presentation styles, I am pleased to apply for Culinary Externship at Fine Diner.

I am a senior at California State University and pursuing a culinary arts degree. I offer:

• Genuine love for cooking coupled with deep interest in all fields pertaining to culinary
• Extensive knowledge of flavors and characteristics of various cuisines all over the world
• Proven ability to recreate original dishes in exact flavor, taste and texture
• Eager to assist chefs in prep, cookery, service and clean up of work stations

I’d like to discuss the externship program further in relevance to my culinary skills and training that could prove to be beneficial to Fine Diner. May I suggest a meeting to facilitate the purpose? I shall call your office next week to pursue this application and to implore the possibility of an interview. Please feel free to call me at (004) 333-5555 should you require any additional information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Ivy Trevor

Enclosed. Resume