Heavy Equipment Operator Cover Letter Example

Updated on September 9, 2018

Heavy equipment operators perform a number of activities that are necessary to aid a construction project. They are required to operate huge machinery that is used in construction which may include asphalt spreaders, pile drivers, tamping equipment and bucket trucks as well as much other such equipment.

The work of a heavy equipment operator is hard as he has to work in extreme weather conditions and perform a lot of physical work. Employers hiring people at this position do not look at degrees – even though a high school diploma is deemed necessary – they look at how well an individual can manage and operate heavy equipment.


Heavy Equipment Operator Cover Letter Sample


Jack Wilson
3056 Castillo Road
Winston Salem, NC 89292
Cell: (921) 999-999
Email: jack @ email . com

September 9, 2018

Mr. Herbert Noel
Manager HR
Acme Construction Company
4501 Silverado Drive
Winston Salem, NC 89222


Dear Mr. Noel:

I am especially interested in the position of a Heavy Equipment Operator at Acme Construction Company because I have much to contribute in terms of heavy equipment knowledge and the safe ways of using it to meet the different requirements of separate projects.

With a special expertise in operating and maintaining most heavy equipment and machinery including cranes, clamshells, bulldozers, rollers, excavators, bulldozers and forklifts, I am the right choice for this position. Moreover, I have a demonstrated ability to read and interpret grade and slope stakes and simple plans. Besides operation tasks, I am also able to grease, adjust and make emergency repairs to equipment.

As an energetic professional who has in-depth knowledge of traffic laws, ordinances and regulations that play a crucial role in heavy equipment operation, I am usually the first choice for deployment on a construction project. Another reason for my success is the fact that I am able to follow directions and work within the parameters that have been set by the supervisors.

These skills and my ability to ensure safe work practices and procedures make me the number one candidate for this Heavy Equipment Operator position. My contact information is given on the top of this letter, and I would be appreciative if you would call me to set up an interview date. To follow-up, I will call you after six working days.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Sincerely yours,

Jack Wilson

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