Letter of Recommendation for a Nurse Coworker

Updated: October 26, 2021
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Most healthcare settings ask for recommendation letters from a nurse supervisor; some may ask for one from a coworker.

In the latter case, an employer is actually looking for proof (or peace of mind) that the individual that he is hiring can get along with colleagues and is able to work in a team environment.

If you have been asked to write a letter of recommendation for a nurse coworker, you will first need to determine if you can honestly write one for him or her.

Once you know that you have all the information that you can put in a recommendation letter, you may begin your letter the usual way – with a “to whom it may concern” header.

In the letter, you can give some details of your professional relationship with your coworker and how you have come to know her strengths in nursing.

You can also briefly state an incident where your coworker’s abilities were tested and she came out shining.

What you need to write in a letter of recommendation for a nurse coworker is actually at your discretion.

Since recommendation letters cannot be negative, it is best to refrain from writing deleterious statements; if you feel that you cannot truthfully write a letter of recommendation, politely decline to do so.

Here is a free sample recommendation letter for a nurse coworker can be referred to if you need ideas writing one:

Sample Letter of Recommendation for a Nurse Coworker

October 26, 2021

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this letter to recommend Sally Johansson for the Registered Nurse position at ABC Hospital. I have worked closely with Sally for 3 years and have found her to be a true nursing professional and can vouch for her exemplary work ethic.

Sally and I have been working together since we passed out of nursing school in 2012. I have had the privilege of working alongside her on most of my nursing assignments. There are some things that nursing school does not teach you; things that I have learned by watching Sally look after her patients like her own and exercising compassion which is so difficult to exude, yet absolutely necessary in this profession.

During one of our posting in the emergency department of St. Paul’s Hospital, an acid attack victim was rushed in. Due to the Christmas holidays, there was a staff shortage and the doctor was on her way. Sally took matters into her hand and promptly provided emergency care to the victim which did not only saved her life but also prevented her from scarring too badly. Ever since this incident, many members of the nursing staff have been in awe of her.

I feel sad that Sally has decided to relocate to Nevada but wish her the best of luck. I am positive that she will be an asset to any hospital that hires her. If I can answer any questions for you, please feel free to call me at (000) 854-5841.

Sincere regards,


Florence Hall
Registered Nurse
St. Paul’s Hospital
6 Starling Road
Lafayette, LA 66723