Nursing Student Recommendation Letter Sample

Employers and professors are often requested by their employees or students to write a recommendation letter for them. Before writing one, it is very important to understand what exact purpose a recommendation letter is meant to serve. Usually students seeking a job or admission require a letter that will help them get recruited in some educational or vocational program.

By definition, a recommendation letter is one in which the writer communicate the candidate’s skills, knowledge and expertise and communicates the same to a prospective employer or recruiter. It is basically an assurance that the candidate is capable of carrying out certain tasks and has the expertise to fulfil a certain role satisfactorily.

Below is a well-written sample recommendation letter for a nursing student.


Nursing Student Recommendation Letter Sample

November 30, 2014


To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Hannah Claire who is applying in your residency program. Hannah was enrolled in our 2 year nursing program and I took four of the major courses she opted for.

In capacity of her teacher and supervisor, I found Hannah a very hardworking and dedicated student who is always eager to gain whatever practical experience she possibly can. She also opted for 2 short elective courses pertaining to women’s health and family medicine. I found her nursing skills to be highly satisfactory and her way of handling disturbed patients is commendable. In addition to being a naturally compassionate and caring person, she is also highly dependable as her patient charts and record files were always up to date. Hannah had also been an active participant of the weekly nursing seminars and wrote a paper at the Annual ANA conference which was also published in the National Journal of Nursing, edition 6, 2013.

Hannah’s dedication and commitment to the nursing profession along with her patient care skills and expertise make her a fore runner for your internship program and I strongly believe that she will make lasting contributions to your department if recruited. If you require any additional credentials or have any queries regarding the skills and qualifications of Hannah, you may contact me at the contact details given below.



Daniel Rochester
Associate Professor
78 Yardley Lane
Logan, UT 54001
Tel: (004) 555-6666
Email: daniel @ email . com

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