2 Nursing Student Recommendation Letter Samples

Updated on: September 18, 2020
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Employers and professors often get requests from their employees or students to write a recommendation letter. This letter helps nursing students to apply for a job or get admission for further education.

Usually, students seeking a job or admission require a letter that will help them get recruited in some educational or vocational program.

How to Write a Good Recommendation Letter for Nursing Student?

Before writing a recommendation letter, it is imperative to understand the exact purpose of this letter. It is basically an assurance that the candidate is capable of carrying out certain tasks and has the potential to fill a nursing role satisfactorily.

In essence, the employer or teacher writes the student’s skills, knowledge, and expertise in a recommendation letter. This information helps prospective employers or schools in the hiring process.

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Recommendation Letter for Nursing Student (Sample 1)

September 18, 2020

To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Hannah Claire, who is applying for a nursing internship at ABC Healthcare. Hannah was enrolled in our 2-year nursing program. Here, I taught her four of the major courses she opted for.

In the capacity of her teacher and supervisor, I found Hannah a very hardworking and dedicated student who is always eager to learn. She also opted for two short elective courses pertaining to women’s health and family medicine.

I genuinely admire her nursing skills and abilities. In particular, her way of handling disturbed patients is commendable. Besides being naturally compassionate and caring, she is highly dependable because of her ability to update patient charts and record files perfectly.

Furthermore, Hannah was an active participant in the weekly nursing seminars. She wrote a paper at the Annual ANA conference, which was published in the National Journal of Nursing Edition of May 6, 2019.

Hannah’s dedication and commitment to the nursing profession, coupled with her patient care expertise, make her a forerunner for your internship program. I firmly believe that she will make lasting contributions to your department if recruited.

If you require any additional details or have any concerns regarding her skills and qualifications, you may contact me at (004) 555-6666.


Daniel Rochester
Associate Professor
78 Yardley Lane, Logan, UT 54001
(004) 555-6666
[email protected]

Nursing Student Recommendation Letter Sample 2

September 18, 2020

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is a sincere recommendation for Sarah Walker who has been my student since she enrolled in the nursing program at Hailey’s College of Nursing in 2019. It was a delight to teach her, as she picks the concepts very quickly.

In 2018, I had the pleasure of leading Sarah through five nursing modules including two which required her to work closely with real-time patients at Hailey’s Medical College. During this time, I found her to be very responsive to the patients. Sarah’s ability to apply her nursing knowledge to the fullest in a real-time environment became evident during her assignment at the A&E when she took charge of a five-year-old accident victim and saved her life despite the patient’s chances of survival were slim.

Sarah would now like to apply for a nursing course at Fullington Nursing Arena to increase her knowledge base. I give my unrelenting recommendation for her as I am confident that she will be a brilliant addition to your students.

I can be reached for any further comment or information that you may need regarding Sarah’s conduct or abilities for eligibility for this program.


Gale Walters
Nursing Instructor
Hailey’s College of Nursing
(000) 333-3333


Recommendation letters may be of several types. That is to say, you may be writing one for an employee, a co-worker, or a student. Depending on what type of letter you are writing, you will need specific information before you begin writing it.

If you are writing a recommendation letter for a student who wants to apply for a nursing program in a university or for a job, you will need to highlight not only her knowledge of nursing practices but also her ability to be compassionate and work under pressure.

Since these letters are primarily written to help individuals find a job, they need to have a positive tone.

A reference letter that you write for a nursing student will need to edict her knowledge of medicine, the ability to handle difficult patients, and work with precision. You may edit the following letter to meet your own requirements:

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